In the event that you decide to leave McGill, please provide written notification to your Chair/Director, with a copy to your Dean and the Academic Personnel Office. An email will suffice, but a...

Academic Personnel Office

Welcome to the Academic Personnel Office

Academic Staff Guides

Welcome to the Academic Staff Guide   The following pages on our site pertain to Newly Recruited and Current Academic Staff at McGill University.

Academic Classifications and their Definitions

Welcome to the Classifications Guide This portal provides access to pages on our site pertaining to academic staff classifications at McGill University.

Disability Leaves for Tenure-Track and Tenured Academic Staff

On this Page Short Term Disability | Short Term Disability Replacement Funds | Long Term Disability | Disability Leaves and Reappointment and Tenure ||

Employment Guidelines for Administrative and Support Staff in Academic Duties

Administrative and support staff may, as a consequence of their special expertise, be asked from time to time to assist in the teaching of undergraduate or graduate students. When administrative...