Quebec CEGEPs, colleges and high schools

Requirements and deadlines for admission in 2018-19

Where a deadline falls on a weekend or statutory holiday, the effective deadline will be the following business day.


Application for admission

For applicants from CEGEP and other Quebec high schools

March 1

     Supporting documents (when required)

April 15

Major Entrance Scholarship application & documents

March 7

McGill Financial Aid application

30 days from acceptance date

EXCEPTIONS (programs with separate deadlines)

Music application & documents

January 15

Architecture portfolio

March 7

Religious Studies

May 1

Dentistry (Dent-P)

Consult faculty website


Consult faculty website

Medicine (Med-P)

Consult faculty website


Select your diploma:

Pre-University DEC

- You must have obtained, prior to the start of classes, a Diplôme d’études collégiales (DEC).

- Your application is reviewed on your overall R-Score (as determined by the Ministry) as well as a core R-Score average of any prerequisite courses (calculated by McGill's Admissions Office). The courses included in the core average differ depending on the program to which you have you applied.

  • A science core average includes all 101 biology, 201 mathematics, 202 chemistry, and 203 physics.
  • An engineering core average includes all 201 mathematics, 202 chemistry and 203 physics.
  • A management core average includes all 201 mathematics courses.

McGill uses the overall R-Score (not the program R-Score) when reviewing applications.  However, applicants who have changed programs and whose performance has improved significantly after the change, should inform McGill by checking the “extenuating circumstances” box on the application and providing a personal statement about their CEGEP experience.  In exceptional cases, the McGill decision may be based on a selection of CEGEP grades.

- View prerequisite requirements by program

- All results are taken into consideration in determining admission, including those for failed or repeated courses.

- For programs where science and/or math are prerequisites, these must normally have been completed within the last five years.

- If graduating with a DEC in “Sciences, lettres, et arts" or a DEC in "Computer Science and Mathematics", you are eligible for admission to most undergraduate programs. You may be required to complete any missing portion of prerequisites at McGill in addition to, or as part of, your program requirements.

Technical DEC

- If graduating with a three-year technical DEC, you may be eligible for admission to certain undergraduate programs.  Consult prerequisite requirements for details.

- All results are taken into consideration in determining admission, including those for failed or repeated courses.

- For programs where science and/or math are prerequisites, these must normally have been completed within the last five years.

French Baccalaureate (at Collège Marie de France & Collège Stanislas in Quebec)

- For most program, your application is reviewed on your 'bulletins' (with results on 20) from Première and Terminale or, if already completed, on your final ‘Bac’ results. While a diploma in “premier groupe” with “mention assez bien” is the minimum expected, many programs are more competitive and will require higher grades. 

Consult the minimum grades accepted for admission last year.

NOTE: Dentistry, Law and Medicine review applicants on their R Score.  Music reviews applicants on their percentage grades.  For more information, please consult directly with the appropriate admissions office.

- Your application will be reviewed on your overall average as well as your performance in prerequisite courses.

- All results are taken into consideration in determining admission, including those for failed or repeated courses.

- To be eligible to apply to Dentistry, Dietetics, Management, Medicine, Occupational Therapy or Physical Therapy, the completion of complementary coursework ("comlpléments") will be required.

Other Quebec Schools

Select your school from the list below for details on admission requirements:

- Applicants from Quebec Alexander von Humbolt German School (Abitur) will be reviewed on school transcripts.

- Applicants from Lower Canada College and Stanstead College (Grade 12 or the IB Diploma) will be reviewed on school transcripts and IB predictions (if applicable).

Students completing a Quebec Secondary V Diploma are not directly admissible to undergraduate study at McGill. Quebec high school graduates who attend one full year of university study outside Quebec may be admissible as Transfer students. Please note that courses completed at schools or institutions designed primarily to offer religious education (such as bible colleges, seminaries, or yeshivas) normally are not considered equivalent to university study.



Equivalences [PDF]

Prerequisite requirements can be fulfilled in different DECs.  Consult this PDF for equivalences.

Minimum Grades:

CEGEP: to view the minimum R-Scores required for admission last year, consult the CEGEP minimum grades.

Other Quebec schools: consult the above list of accepted diplomas for information on prerequisites and minimum grades.


1) Academic documents

CEGEP: You are not required to submit official transcripts. However, you must enter your Permanent Code during the application process. Applications submitted without a valid Permanent Code will not be reviewed until a valid Permanent Code is provided. McGill University will obtain an official transcript electronically from the MELS. If, for any reason, the University cannot obtain an electronic copy of your marks, an official copy may be requested from your CEGEP.

If you intend to enrol in a Summer CEGEP course in the semester before university entry, you must inform the appropriate McGill admissions office in writing, no later than June 10. Please state the name and code of the summer course and the reasons the course is being taken. Students admitted to McGill University are required to obtain their DEC; otherwise, admission may be revoked.

OTHER QUEBEC SCHOOLS: You must upload your transcript via Minerva.


2) Proof of English proficiency

Applicants from Quebec are NOT required to submit proof of English proficiency if they have:

- Completed, or are completing, a DEC at an English CEGEP.

- Completed the Secondary V diploma and have completed, or are completing, a DEC at a French CEGEP.

If neither of the above situations applies, official test results may be required by the supporting document deadline.  Please consult Proof of English proficiency for accepted tests and other exemptions.


3) Additional supporting documents

Additional supporting documents (such as recommendation letters and personal statements) are only required in the following circumstances:

 - You have applied to Architecture, Dentistry, Education, Law, Medicine, Music, Religious Studies and/or

    Social Work

 - You have complete the separate application for Major Entrance Scholarship and/or Financial Aid

 - You selected ‘Extenuating Circumstances’ on the application for admission

If none of the above circumstances apply, additional supporting documents are not considered in the admission review and should not be submitted.


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