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Ghana Center for Democratic Development (Accra)

The CDD is dedicated to the promotion of society and government based on the rule of law, appropriate checks on the power of the state, and integrity in public administration. Interns work under the supervision of the Deputy Director/Head of Research and Programs.

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The Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) (Accra)

The Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) is a constitutional commission that aims to protect and promote fundamental human rights and freedoms for all persons in Ghana. Internships vary but are usually based in the Public Education Department.

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Children of Bududa (Bududa District)

The Children of Bududa is an enrichment program for orphans and children in need living in Eastern Uganda.  Intern duties vary, but may include collaborating with teachers, working with children, and administrative support.

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ELIMU (Kinyaga, Mt. Kenya region)

Elimu is a Kenyan NGO that evaluates development projects in order to identify the most effective ways to reduce poverty. The intern will be expected to support the project manager as well as the activities of the evaluation unit. Activities include qualitative interviews, grant writing, and legal aid. 

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The Institution Canopy of Conservation (I-CAN) Project 

The I-CAN program is a partnership project involving a rich network of collaborators and partners. The project looks into governance and the conservation of rangelands, wetlands and forests of the East African savannah. Internship duties include assisting in data collection, writing fundraising applications, and contributing to projects.

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South Africa

Indigenous Peoples of Africa Coordinating Committee (IPACC) (Cape Town)

IPACC’s main function is to co-ordinate communication between indigenous peoples’ organizations in rural Africa, agencies of the United Nations, and other multilateral forums. Intern duties include working on media, communications, and research regarding climate change and indigenous issues.

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New Work Media Hong Kong (Hong Kong)

Harbour Times provides business insights on policy, regulation and legislation changes to keep organizations informed. Intern duties include assisting with all aspects of New Work Media, and helping the organization’s staff as needed.

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AID INDIA (Tamil Nadu)

AID INDIA is a registered non-profit organization working towards improving the education quality for children in Tamil Nadu (Chennai province). Their focus is on improving skills in Tamil, Mathematics, English and Science for children from Kindergarten to Class 12. As AID INDIA projects are many, the exact duties of interns will vary, but will likely be focused on education, support services, and technology.

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UIN Malang (Malang)

The Faculty of Sharia (FS) is located in Campus 1 of UIN Malang. FS supports students pursuing Islamic higher education and aims to produce prospective scholars of Islamic law. The intern will conduct an English class for the students of the International Relations Department at FS.

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Latin America

North America



Festival Acces Asie (Montreal)

Festival Accès Asie showcases artistic disciplines such as dance, comedy, theatre, video, film, visual arts, music, poetry, performance and new media. Intern will focus on three main areas: Marketing & Development, Event Coordination, and General Administrative Support. 

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The Climate Reality Project (Montreal)

The Climate Reality Project works to provide Canadians with the science of and solutions to climate change. With several internship positions available, interns will work primarily in communications and research.

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Social Justice Connection (Montreal)

Social Justice Connection is an independent international solidarity organization. With multiple internship positions available, interns will participate in workshops on poor country debt, corporate accountability, and international trade as well as assist staff in researching and developing new public education projects.

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Vehicule Press (Montreal)

Véhicule Press is an organization that publishes award-winning poetry, fiction, essays, translations, and social history. Interns will work under the supervision of the publishing staff to provide general support to the editing operations.

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Native Friendship Centre of Montreal (Montreal)

The Native Friendship Centre of Montreal is a non-profit, non-sectarian, autonomous community development agency whose purpose is to promote, develop and enhance the quality of life of the urban Aboriginal population of Montreal and surrounding areas. Intern will assist with communications, marketing, and event planning. 

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Equitas International Human Rights Training Program (Montreal and Ste Anne-de-Bellevue)

Equitas is a non-governmental organization with a mandate to advance democracy, human development, and social justice through educational programs. These two interns will contribute towards the achievement of Equitas’ overall objective of promoting a culture of respect for human rights and diversity.

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Equitas Play it Fair! (Montreal and Ste Anne-de-Bellevue)

Equitas’ Play it Fair! program uses fun and interactive activities to promote human rights values and intercultural understanding, respect for diversity and to combat discrimination. This education intern is responsible for providing support in the development of Play it Fair!, conducting activities to evaluate the program in Montreal, and managing programs. 

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The Political and Public Affairs Section of the Delegation of the European Union to Canada (Ottawa)

The European Union Delegation to Canada works closely with the diplomatic missions of the EU Member States. Under the supervision of the Head of the Section, the intern will actively participate in the day-to-day work and share the organizational and logistical tasks of the Political and Public Affairs (PPA) section and the Delegation of the European Union as a whole.

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The Trade and Economic Section of the Delegation of the European Union to Canada (Ottawa)

The European Union Delegation to Canada works closely with the diplomatic missions of the EU Member States. Under the supervision of the Head of the Section, the intern will actively participate in the day-to-day work and share the organizational and logistical tasks of the Trade and Economic section and the Delegation of the European Union as a whole.

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Fulbright Canada (Ottawa)

Fulbright Canada was created to encourage mutual understanding between Canada and the United States of America through academic and cultural exchange. The intern will be expected to assist with various aspects of research, content development, and writing required for Fulbright Canada’s communications and outreach goals.

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Casa Pueblito (Toronto)

Casa Pueblito is a non-profit organization that facilitates community development and intercultural learning with a focus on youth in Canada and Latin America. Interns will coordinate events, write grants, and assist in project development. 

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Friends of Head Harbour Lightstation (Campobello Island, New Brunswick)

The mandate of Friends of the Head Harbour Lightstation is to protect, promote and preserve the Head Harbour Lightstation on Campobello Island, New Brunswick. Intern will research solar energy adoption and develop educational materials on the field of ecological economics.

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United States


Cathance River Alliance (CREA) at Highland Green (Topsham, Maine)

CREA’s mission is to use the natural resources of the Cathance River Nature Preserve to promote ecological and historical awareness and nature-based learning among students, educators, and the broader community to foster the wise use of the Preserve. Intern will lead educational programs, assist with projects, and carry out an independent project.

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Maine Volunteer Lake Monitering Program (MVLMP) (Auburn, Maine)

The MVLMP protects Maine lakes through widespread citizen participation in the gathering and dissemination of credible scientific information pertaining to lake health. Interns will work closely with MVLMP staff and volunteers and Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) biologists. 

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