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Internship Spotlight: Nanda Kishore Daggupati

30 Jan 2018

I am currently pursuing my degree at McGill University in International Development Studies and Political Science. I spent summer 2017 in Canada’s capital city, Ottawa, where I worked with...

The Andre King Wi Tan Externship Award

9 Jan 2018

The Andre King Wi Tan Externship Award was established by Dr. Andre King Wi Tan to help support one or more undergraduate students participating in an internship conducted through the Faculty of...

Schull Yang International Experience Award

5 Jan 2018

The Schull Yang International Experience Award, supported by Joseph Schull (BA ‘82, MA ’85) and Anna Yang (BCL, LLB ’88), helps students gain first hand international experience related to their...

Joseph Issid Travel Award

11 Dec 2017

Established in 2017 by family, friends and colleagues in loving memory of Joseph Issid, BA’98 and Associate Director, Digital Communications at McGill University Advancement from 2014-2017. To be...

Wendy Patton Keys Arts Internship Award

22 Nov 2017

Established in 2017 by Wendy Patton Keys, BA 1964, to help students gain firsthand experience related to their fields of study. For two students in the Faculty of Arts participating in an...

Internship Spotlight: Andrew Sandock

7 Nov 2017

After years of teaching and volunteering at the refugee centre in my hometown, and then a year as exchange student in India after high school, I felt like the internship at AID India would be a...


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