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Our New Arts Faculty Members

15 Sep 2017

We are thrilled to welcome 16 new tenure track professors to the Faculty of Arts. Working in a broad range of disciplines, and with backgrounds across the Social Sciences and Humanities, we look...

A Puzzling Field of Research

15 Sep 2017

When Nathalie Cooke, English Professor and Associate Dean, Archives and Rare Collections at the McGill University Library, first glimpsed a group of manuscript cookbooks purchased from a mansion in...

Your Arts degree is more useful than you think

13 Sep 2017

What do employers want from their potential candidates? According to a 2016 study conducted by the Business Council of Canada, the nation’s largest private-sector employers value soft skills over...

Engaging McGill Students in Quebec Language and Culture

25 Aug 2017

With Montreal named the best city in the world for students, there’s no question why McGill has one of the most diverse and international student bodies of any university in Canada. But are our...

Democratizing Student Life 101: Start with the Campus

23 Aug 2017

Using the words ‘reclaim’ and ‘campus’ in the same sentence could be a socially-conscious TA’s strategy to hype a Monday morning undergraduate conference. Students advocating for reclaiming a...

Searching for Home, Understanding, and Identity

23 Aug 2017

“Too foreign for home, too foreign for here – never enough for both” is how 23-year old Nisan Nabeel describes herself, speaking with solemn eyes and a thoughtful smile. Though the line is poetic,...


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