Student Advisor (MR6145)

McGill University - Human Resources
Position Title: 
Student Advisor (SAF1D)
Position Summary: 

Provide guidance and direction to the Faculty’s undergraduate student population in all matters relating to their academic records and student record issues. Meet and communicate with students, assess academic needs in accordance with established faculty or university student record policies. Analyze diverse problems, determine course of action, provide advice to students and/or academic advisors. Manage final examination sessions taking place at Macdonald Campus. Update Faculty’s section of University calendar pertaining to student records issues. Supervise direct reports.

Primary Responsibilities: 
  • Act as knowledgeable resource person for student records to the Faculty’s academic advisers, professors, administrative staff and students.  Interact with other faculties/units regarding procedures and regulations.  Advise SAO’s staff regarding student record policies and procedures.
  • Review records of newly-admitted students eligible for transfer credits at time of admission for accuracy and completeness.  Process transfer credit requests for current students taking inter-university courses, exchange or term-away credits.
  • Responsible for authorizing and processing a variety of requests and transactions (e.g. course substitutions, equivalencies, program changes, inter-faculty applications, re-admits, course and university withdrawals).  Ensure that admission requirements are noted for each degree at time of transfer.
  • Manage final examination periods taking place on the Macdonald Campus.  Handle all aspects, such as exam scheduling, room and materials logistics, hiring, training, scheduling of invigilators according to the collective agreement, communications to instructors, on-site problem-solving, accommodation due to religious holy days, exam conflicts, etc.
  • Is a member of Academic Standing Committee and act as resource person to Chair; interpret and advise on student records policies.  Ensure Committee’s decisions are accurately processed and reflected on students’ records.
  • Review records of students eligible for graduation, to ensure that all admission, program, degree, credit and GPA requirements have been met.   Review list of candidates for graduation to determine Dean’s Honour List, Distinction and First-Class Honours.
  • Compile listing of students eligible for scholarships/awards, for selection by the Scholarships Committee.  Prepare list of students appearing on Dean’s Honour List.
  • Supervise direct-reports (Student Affairs Coordinator, invigilators).   Assist with special events coordinated through SAO (Faculty orientation, convocation, exchange info sessions, counsellor sessions).
Minimum Education & Experience: 

Undergraduate degree

One (1) year related experience



Three (3) years' related experience

Other Qualifying Skills And/Or Abilities: 
Proven organizational and customer service skills, and leadership abilities. Demonstrated knowledge of McGill’s undergraduate academic curriculum and student affairs/student records. Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively with, and assist, all levels of staff, students and the public. Ability to meet frequent deadlines. Ability to act independently and as part of a team. Demonstrated ability to delegate and train direct reports. Proven ability to work in a computerized environment, using a variety of software, including Banner SIS and Minerva. English (spoken, written); French (spoken).
Reference Number: 
Reporting To: 
Manager, Student Affairs
Salary Range: 
(Grade 03) $45,800 - $57,300 (midpoint) - $68,800
Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences
Registrar's Office
Macdonald campus
Position Type: 
Hours Per Week: 
Additional Information: 
Vacation cannot be scheduled during critical periods of activity (start of academic terms, final exam periods, opening registration dates, graduation approval period).
How To Apply: 

*Internal candidates: Please provide your McGill ID number when applying.*

Please submit your curriculum vitae and cover letter, clearly indicating the reference number by email to hr.macdonald [at]