October 29: 1:00pm - 2:00pm
McGill University, Downtown Campus
Leacock Building, Room 232

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Is your goal to meet the demands of a dynamic and challenging work environment?
Or are you seeking knowledge, trying to advance in your profession or looking to change your career path?

McGill University's School of Continuing Studies offers a full range of programs and courses that can give you that competitive Edge.


Remember students, staff and alumni get a discount on PRIZMA courses!

This course offers you the opportunity to discover, explore, and chart a strategy for successfully managing important shifts in your life. This new 5-part series offers you a blend of proven models and diverse theories that address change and transition challenges. What do experts tell us about making successful changes? What key factors and effective resources allow us to stay on track? What do psychometric assessments tell us about ourselves and our behaviour?

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