Things to do at McGill

Explore a museum

McGill's extensive network of affiliated museums provides educational fun to hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.

Browse our list of McGill-run and affiliated museums.

Take in a show

McGill is home to a host of talented musicians, actors and other performers, who together stage hundreds of public performances each year.

Find a concert or play and enjoy the show!

Attend a public lecture

Our University is a worldwide hub for discussion and debate on everything from "freaky science" to global food security, from our prestigious Beatty Memorial Lecture to our celebrated Trottier Symposium.

Find a public talk or conference.

Take a walk

With two campuses and two nature reserves, McGill boasts 1,727 hectares of mostly forested land for walks, picnics and guided tours.

Lose yourself in McGill's lush greenspaces!