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Instructor's Access to Information Systems

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Verify your authentication credentials

In order to access the various systems available to instructors you must have an active user account. To verify the current status of your account, click here and sign in using your McGill username and password. Under the group section, you should see at least one of the three following groups.

  • 000-STAFF

If you don't see any of these groups and you have already signed your contract, contact the administrator of your academic area.

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Guide for the setup of usernames and passwords (bilingual)
Username Setup[.pdf] A quick tutorial to help you guide your students setup up their McGill username and password.

You need to identify yourself when accessing resources available at McGill. There are four means of authentication at McGill:

  • The McGill Personal Identification Number
  • The McGill Username
  • The McGill Library ID
  • The McGill ID Card

McGill Identification Number

The McGill Identification Number (ID) is a 9 digit number that identifies you as a member of the McGill Community. This number grants you access to administrative services such as Minerva, the database that contains your employee and faculty information. Upon first login, you will be requested to change the temporary Personal Identification Number (PIN) to a PIN of your choice. More info.

McGill Username

Most McGill online services require a McGill username for authentication. This username is made of your first and last names followed by the university Internet name. It is also your official McGill email address (firstname.lastname [at] or firstname.lastname [at] This username will remain active for a period of six months after the last day of your teaching contract. It is automatically reactivated if you sign a new contract. More info.

McGill Library ID

The McGill Library ID allows you to borrow books from one of the McGill libraries and to access the many services offered on line such as the reservation system, consultation of online manuals and journals, etc. The library ID is located right above the bar code of the McGill card. The first time you login with Library services, you must change the personal identification number from the default value (your birth date, i.e., yyymmdd) to a new value of your choice. More info.

McGill ID Card

The McGill card is a magnetic photo ID card that proves your identity as a member of the McGill community. It also grants you access to areas protected by electronic security and is necessary for borrowing documents from the McGill Library. The card displays your McGill ID and library ID numbers. It is issued by the Department of Human Resources, 15th floor, 688 Sherbrooke west, on Mondays & Wednesdays from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm and Fridays from 8:30 am until noon. You will be asked for an official photo ID such as your driver’s license. More info.

Starting September 2010, an ID card will also be available to instructors hired on firm retainer (more info available soon).

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