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The Euro Debt Crisis: Will the Euro Survive?

 The US housing meltdown and global financial crisis of 2007-2008 has morphed into the euro debt and banking crisis in 2010 following the global economic downturn of 2009. Rising fiscal deficits and debt-GDP ratios have led three countries in the euro zone to accept bailouts from the EC and the IMF while others are teetering on the edge of fiscal implosion. This crisis is threatening the European banking system and Europe's common currency with collapse with severe implications for Europe, North America and the global economy.
This webinar is aimed at financial professionals, wealth managers, bankers, traders, corporate managers and board members as well as the general public.

Date: TBA
12:00 pm  

This webinar is free of charge. To view the recorded webinar, please register here.


Webinar Objectives

What caused the debt crisis in the Euro Zone?
What actions have been taken to stem the crisis?
Will they prove sufficient to resolve the problem?
What more needs to be done?
What is at stake for Europe and the world economy?
Will the euro survive?

Webinar Benefits

Understand the background behind the crisis
Understand why it was centered in the Euro Zone
Understand what are the risks for Europe and the world economy
Know what to expect out of Europe
Know what the potential impacts on Canada could be


Dr. Ken Matziorinis is an Adjunct Professor of Economics at McGill's School of Continuing Studies where he has taught for over 30 years and Senior Partner, Canbek Economic Consultants Inc. an economic forecasting firm. He studied economics, history and political science at McGill University from where he received his doctorate specializing in money & banking and public finance. He is a graduate of the Canadian Securities Course and a Certified Management Consultant (CMC). In recent years his research has focused on the international monetary system, the Greek economy and the European Monetary Union. He is the author of three textbooks in economics and a two-time recipient of the Distinguished Teaching Award at McGill.

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