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Aerospace Strategy Webinar

The Aerospace industry has one of the most sophisticated business ecosystems of all industrial environments. Professionals working in the field can benefit significantly from a broader understanding of the industry’s business and market dynamics, key players, technological and regulatory constraints, as well as the way in which new aircraft programs and after-market business are conducted. An understanding of the aerospace industry framework, combined with the development of essential strategic planning skills, will help aviation professionals play a stronger role in their business environment.

This webinar will serve as an introduction session to the broader discipline of strategic planning, aerospace industry analysis and strategic management.

Date: TBA
Time: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
This is a 60-minute interactive presentation.

View webinar recording.


  • Clarify your thinking about the strategic planning intent and process at the corporate and business unit levels.
  • Understand how to conduct a basic strategic planning exercise, relevant to an Aerospace business context;
  • Understanding of the common vocabulary and framework in which the Aerospace strategy is planned and executed through examples.

Presentation Overview

This presentation will cover the following topics:

Introduction of the speaker, learning objectives and session outline.

Defining Strategy and strategic planning
Overall methodology and basic concepts  

Developing the strategic plan
Review of expected outcomes, their format and execution practices, illustration through real cases.

Wrapping up
An overview of some of the key points to remember when applying some of the learning’s from this webinar.


Claude Lauzon, B.Eng. (Ecole Poytechnique), M.Sc. (Caltech), MBA (HEC) has worked for over 25 years in the Aerospace industry in Business Unit leadership positions  including international business development, market analysis, strategic planning, product strategy, and the aftermarket.

Mr. Lauzon worked as an executive for Pratt & Whitney Canada, CAE Inc. and was also Vice-President for Pratt & Whitney (USA) at Airbus in Toulouse, France.

Claude Lauzon is a Strategy, Business Development and B2B Marketing executive who built his experience with process discipline, unusual creativity and outstanding outcomes. He is a recognized corporate and business unit strategist and developed and directed the execution of actionable strategic plans that doubled top and bottom lines over the medium term. 

Claude has in-depth knowledge, relationships and practice in the Aerospace Industry, OEM, Products, Services and MRO and led teams in Strategy, Marketing, win-win customer and partner relationships and Operations.

Mr. Lauzon currently teaches Aerospace Business & Strategy at McGill/ETS Centre for Aerospace Professional Education, as well as Strategic Management to MBA students at HEC Montréal.

He can be reached at:  claude.lauzon [at]

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