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Sustainability? Who Cares?

The terms “sustainable” and “sustainability” have become so ubiquitous on corporate websites, in business plans and during corporate presentations that it would be easy to believe that senior management teams now have a good understanding of the issue and are well under way in their efforts to build truly sustainable organizations.

According to a detailed dictionary definition the term “sustainable” means “being a method of harvesting or using a resource so that the resource is not depleted or permanently damaged over an extended period of time”. By referring to this definition, the claim by most organizations on the road to sustainability appears at best superficial and at worst inaccurate.

This webinar uses this assessment as a starting point to lead a discussion in order that participants might challenge themselves as to how they currently manage their organizations to deal with challenge of sustainability.

Date: TBA
12:00 noon - 1pm EST

This webinar is free of charge. To view the recording click here.

Webinar Benefits

1)     Gain a greater understanding of the “sustainability” challenges facing our organizations
2)     Learn about a holistic model of “360 Sustainability” which will serve to guide participants undertaking the “sustainability” challenge in their organizations
3)     Learn about some companies that are being innovative in dealing with “sustainability”


Mark Hollingworth

Mark Hollingworth is the president of 5i Strategic Affairs and is an expert in strategic leadership. He has worked as a management consultant, workshop leader and facilitator, educator and ontological coach to the profit and not-for-profit sectors in Montreal, Canada for over 25 years.

Mark is a faculty lecturer at McGill School of Continuing Studies and a program leader at the Executive Institute at the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University. He is the author of the book Growing People, Growing Companies: Achieving Individual and Organizational Success in the Knowledge Economy (2003) and, since then, has also had several articles published in the Ivey Business Journal (these being available for free download at

In the past five years, he has worked with companies such as Cogeco, Hydro-Quebec, Imperial Tobacco, Kruger Inc, Metso Minerals, RioTintoAlcan, RSM Richter Chamberland and Standard Life, and has worked abroad with individuals and organizations in Abu Dhabi, Bhutan, Costa Rica, Ghana, Guatemala, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Spain, US, Vietnam etc.

Mark’s mission is to help “people, companies and society to prepare for the future”. He acts as a process leader, guide, trusted supporter and devil’s advocate, to ensure that individuals and organizations take the best decisions possible – and that those decisions result in concrete action and change.

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