Graduate Programs

Diploma in Health and Social Services Management

The Diploma in Health and Social Services Management will prepare students with an integrated base of management knowledge in the field of health and social services management. It will focus on the development of skills in the day to day management of the provision of services in terms of both efficiency and human criteria, planning, directing and coordinating the delivery of services in hospitals, reception centers for the youth and elderly, local community centers and other health and social establishments. Individuals will acquire knowledge and develop skills to work with other professionals, budgeting, managing employees, purchasing equipment as well as overseeing facilities and equipment worth millions of dollars.


Graduate Certificate in Health Services Management 

This graduate certificate is designed for practicing health care professionals who want to acquire leadership skills to pursue a career in management or for managers and administrators who wish to upgrade their business and management knowledge for a senior management role. Focus is on the current changes and challenges in health systems across Canada, such as new funding models, evolving organizational changes, human resource challenges, financial sustainability, and greater demand for integration. A problem-based approach to teaching and learning will be taken, whereby students identify a real workplace operational problem and apply the theoretical concepts they learn to analyze and apply innovative and practical solutions.


Tailored Graduate Certificate in Health Service Management (in collaboration with McGill University Health Centre)

The program, offered both in English and in French, is aimed at people who have been identified by their establishments with the health and social services network. These individuals either hold management positions or have been identified as potential leaders by their employer. This program is adapted to the busy schedule of health and social services industry professionals.