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Undergraduate Programs

Certificate in Health and Social Services Management

The Certificate in Health and Social Services Management will provide learners with an integrated base of management knowledge in the field of health and social services. It will focus on the development of skills in the day-to-day management of the provision of services in terms of both efficiency and human criteria.

Please note that this program is restricted to health and/or social service organizations.
Applications for admission are not accepted from the general public.
Interested organizations should contact  assistant.cms [at]  for further details.



Tailored Certificate in Health Service Management (in collaboration with McGill University Health Centre)

The program, offered both in English and in French, is aimed at people who have been identified by their establishments with the health and social services network. These individuals either hold management positions or have been identified as potential leaders by their employer. This program is adapted to the busy schedule of health and social services industry professionals.


Certificiate in Health and Social Services Management (NRBHSS Tailored Program)

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