Update: Learn more about the integration of Counselling and Mental Health Services and the new Psychiatric Services.


The professionals at the McGill Counselling Service provide a variety of services and interventions designed to meet the unique needs of university students.  We work with individuals dealing with a wide range of psychological, emotional, and academic challenges to alleviate distress, promote self-understanding, and develop effective solutions to the obstacles impeding their success and growth.

Counselling Services offers the following:

  • Self-help – Visit our self-help section for practical tips for improving your wellbeing, and access to audio for guided relaxation and meditation.
  • Workshops – We offer workshops that teach strategies for managing your mental health as well as your academics. Workshops are structured to help you quickly learn skills that are directly applicable to your day-to-day life.
  • Therapy Assisted Online (TAO) – TAO is an online interactive program where you can learn skills for managing your mental health. Informed by Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and 3rd wave CBT, TAO consists of different modules so you can develop practical skills for improving your wellbeing (anxiety, depression, etc.). You can use TAO as a form of self-help, or along with meeting with a clinician.
  • Group Therapy – Groups are a powerful form of support because they offer you an opportunity to connect and learn alongside others who have had similar experiences. Groups are facilitated by a professional and may focus on a specific topic (Living with Loss, Social Anxiety, etc.) or be geared towards learning to manage multiple kinds of emotional difficulties (e.g. Transdiagnostic Group and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Group for anxiety and depression).
  • Short-Term individual therapy – Our clinicians also provide short-term therapy with the goal of helping students better cope with the challenges they are experiencing. In cases where students require or prefer long-term support, we can help refer them to resources within the community. Additionally, we have two teams of clinicians who provide support for students seeking services for issues related to sexuality and gender identity (PRIDE) or substances (Substance Misuse Program).


Counselling is available to all full and part-time McGill students who have paid Student Services fees.


Other than a modest cost-recovery charge for vocational testing materials, as well as for some workshops, counselling services are free of charge to McGill students. 

Letters of Support

We are often asked if Counselling Services provides supporting documentation to defer exams and get extensions on papers. We do provide letters of support but only within certain parameters. A student who is involved with a clinician prior to exams or deadlines may receive a letter outlining the circumstances that have contributed to their academic difficulties. 

Letters are not written after the fact if the clinician has no prior knowledge of the circumstances leading up to the difficulty. Students requiring same-day supporting documentation who are not already known to Counselling Services should go directly to an off-campus clinic.


The information shared in Counselling is strictly confidential, and is released only with the student's written permission or if required by law, as in the case of child abuse or the immediate threat of harm to self or others.

Policy on Missed Appointments

Due to the significant demand for services, and the cost to Student Services for unused time, a 24-hour notice (email or phone *leave message if needed*) is absolutely required for cancellations. Students who cancel their appointments with less than 24 hours before their appointment will be charged a $15.00 cancellation fee. Students who do not contact us to cancel will be charged $30.00.