Le Devoir speaks to Define the Line's Dr. Shariff: analysis of University leaders' response in U Laval sexual assaults


Le Devoir.com - Libre de penser"Rectors of Laval University and University of Ottawa were criticized over the weekend for their reaction to sexual scandals," wrote Isabelle Porter in part for a recent issue of Quebec French-language newspaper Le Devoir. The article, published October 22nd, recounts the criticisms faced by leaders of the two universities over the weekend, and features an interview with Professor Shaheen Shariff, founder of the Define the Line projects at McGill's Faculty of Education. 

Professor Shariff was asked to analyze the events in the context of rape culture at universities. "People want to hear that it's unacceptable, and that there will be an immediate response," Shariff told Le Devoir in part. Please click here to read the entire article.

Dr. Shaheen Shariff is Associate Professor with the Department of Integrated Studies in Education with McGill's Faculty of Education. Dr. Shariff is Director of McGill’s Define the Line research program, and internationally known for her expertise on societal, legal and policy issues relating to social media usage by youth. A recipient of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal for her contributions to Canadian public policy, her research is grounded in the study of law as it impacts education, public policy and digital citizenship.

["La réaction des têtes dirigeantes est primordiale, selon une chercheuse: Les recteurs des universités Laval et d’Ottawa ont été critiqués cette semaine pour leur réaction quant à des scandales sexuels," Isabelle Porter, Le Devoir, 22 October 2016]