“University community needs to reclaim leadership role,” writes Professor Shariff in La Presse opinion piece


LaPresse.caIn  a recent opinion piece contributed to French language newspaper La Presse, Professor Shaheen Shariff, director of McGill’s Define the Line projects, calls for universities to recover their leadership role in the battle against sexual violence.

“Differing opinions about what constitutes appropriate, sensitive, adequate and equitable responses to a range of sexual violence incidents across university campuses in Canada are at the heart of current public policy debates... It is only through long-term collaborative partnerships that we will clearly define the lines to prevent sexual violence," writes Shariff in part. Please click here to view the entire article, “Violence sexuelle : des frontières difficiles à définir,” published today by La Presse.

Professor Shariff has recently embarked upon a seven-year project to address sexual violence and rape culture on university campuses across Canada and internationally (read more). 

Dr. Shaheen Shariff is Associate Professor with the Department of Integrated Studies in Education with McGill's Faculty of Education. Dr. Shariff is Director of McGill’s Define the Line research program, and internationally known for her expertise on societal, legal and policy issues relating to social media usage by youth. A recipient of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal for her contributions to Canadian public policy, her research is grounded in the study of law as it impacts education, public policy and digital citizenship.

[read "Violence sexuelle : des frontières difficiles à définir," La Presse, November 1, 2016]