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DISE's Shaheen Shariff delivers address to International Association of Women Judges

Shaheen Shariff, Associate Professor with our Department of Integrated Studies in Education, was recently invited to address a meeting of members of the National Association of Women Judges (USA) visiting Montreal.

Published: 1 Jun 2017

Quebec human rights commission denounces public misogyny

The Quebec human rights commission has recently rendered a decision regarding misogyny in public. For more details take a look at the Montreal Gazette website.

Published: 27 Mar 2015

University of Ottawa task force releases report on "Rape Culture"

Summary: A task force on respect and equality at the University of Ottawa has spent the past few months analyzing the events of early 2014, when the University became engulfed in the debate over sexual violence that has affected other postsecondary institutions in the past year. Two events involving the University community precipitated the conversation, while highlighting the challenges that universities face with regard to the issue of sexual violence.

Published: 18 Feb 2015

Online bullying: taking steps to heighten security features

Summary: After being acquired by three months ago, there have been many areas in which has needed new security features which, according to spokeswoman Valerie Combs, weren't put into place by its old Latvian owners....

Published: 16 Jan 2015