Become a Patient

Please note that we are currently only accepting a limited number of applications. We fully reopen our applications at the beginning of the next academic year.  

For dental emergencies or full dental care you can contact the Montreal General Hospital Residents Clinic at 514-934-8063. 

We provide high quality, comprehensive care for about 50% the cost of a private office. Our patients receive excellent care, and in turn, our students gain skills to prepare them to become professional dentists. All treatment is provided by dental students under the supervision of general dentists and specialists.

We are currently looking for patients in need of the following treatments:

Complete Dentures:

- Completely edentulous patients with no extractions, and a need for complete, upper or lower dentures will be accepted. Please call 514-398-2044 to book an appointment.

Gum treatments and deep cleaning:

- Fill in the application form online.


- Fill in the application form online.

 Root Canal

- Fill in the application form online. Patients requiring root canal treatment that has been diagnosed by a dentist are accepted on a priority basis and may not need to undergo a screening examination.


Screening Visit

All prospective patients must first attending a screening appointment prior to being accepted as new patients*. We are a teaching institution where patients are selected based on the requirements of our educational program. Please be advised that patients with limited treatment needs (i.e. less than 4 fillings, no need for crowns, root canal treatment, denture, etc.) are not likely to be accepted for treatment in our clinic.

This visit will take approximately 3 hours and will determine if your treatment needs are appropriate for our teaching clinic. Radiographs are normally taken at the screening appointment. If treatment needs are suitable for our teaching clinic your file will be assigned to a student dentist.  If you have had radiographs taken in the past year, please indicate it on the forms. Digital radiographs can be sent to this email address.

Screening Fees

Screening fees are not refundable. Even those not accepted into the clinic as a patient are required to pay the screening fee.

Complete dental care


Complete dentures