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Undergraduate Education

information [at] (Email) 514.398.7257

Graduate Education

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Bioengineering Email 514.398.7138
Chemical Engineering Department Email 514.398.4494
Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics Email 514.398.6860
Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Email 514.398.7110
Mechanical Engineering Department Email 514.398.6296
Mining and Materials Engineering Department
  • Mining
  • Materials


admin.mining [at] (Email) 
coordinator.minmat [at] (Email)



School of Architecture marcia.king [at] (Email) 514.398.6700
School of Urban Planning Email 514.398.4075
McGill Institute for Advanced Materials (MIAM) [at] (Email) 514.398.8718
McGill Institute for Aerospace Engineering (MIAE) Email 514.398.8664
Trottier Institute for Sustainability in Engineering and Design (TISED) Email 514.398.6975

Research [at] (Email) 514.398.1715

Industry Collaboration

Email 514.398.3355

Alumni & Friends

Email 514.398.1371

Administrative Services

Dean/Associate Deans/ Faculty Advisory Board

Email 514.398.7250
Human Resources Email 514.398.7253
Finance Services [at] (Email) 514.398.7557
Microcomputing Facilities (EMF) Email Help Desk ext: 00762
Building Administration Email 514.398.2877
Workshop Services [at] (Email) 514.398.4784
Communications junji.nishihata [at] (Email) 514.398.2454

Teaching Enhancement [at] (Email) 514.398.6648

Security [at] (Email) 514.398.3000

Employment Opportunities 


Academic positions:

To obtain information about Academic positions at the Faculty of Engineering, or to apply for an Academic position, a Doctoral Position or a Master’s position, please contact the Department, School or Institute concerned.  


Teaching positions available for courses offered by the Engineering Dean’s Office (course subject code FACC):  Please refer to the collective agreement, MCLIU - McGill Course Lecturers and Instructors Union, governing these positions. The Priority Points for former and current Lecturers can be found here: PDF icon eng_priority_points_list_2016-2017.pdf

To apply for a teaching position, please send your CV and completed Application Form to the address indicated in the posting by October 24, 2017.

FACC 300 Engineering Economy
FACC 501 Technology Business Plan Project

Teaching Assistantship Positions for courses offered by the Engineering Dean’s Office (course subject code FACC) -- Winter 2018:

To apply for any of these TA positions, please send a completed TA Application Form to Amber Saunders, Administrative Coordinator (amber.saunders [at] by November 13, 2017.

FACC 100 Introduction to the Engineering Profession
FACC 300 Engineering Economy
FACC 400 Engineering Professional Practice



Undergraduate Course Assistant Positions (FACC 300)

FACC 300 Engineering Economy

To apply for this position, please send your CV to Amber Saunders, Administrative Coordinator, at amber.saunders [at]

Midterm Exam Invigilation Positions (FACC 300)

FACC 300 Engineering Economy – Midterm Invigilation
FACC 300 Midterm Exam Invigilation Application Form

To apply for this position, please send the application form to Amber Saunders, Administrative Coordinator (amber.saunders [at] by the deadline indicated in the posting.

Non-Academic positions:

Employment information about Non-Academic staff positions at the Faculty of Engineering can be obtained by contacting us by [at] (email) or 514-398-7253Applications for Non-Academic staff positions can be submitted at: A list of Administrative Units Staff is available as a resource.

Industry Opportunities


The McGill Faculty of Engineering works with industry worldwide to build mutually beneficial relationships. We match industry needs with Faculty expertise; facilitate the exchange of ideas; encourage entrepreneurship and promote commercialization.

For more information contact us by katya.marc [at] (email) or phone: 514-398-3355