Did You Know...

Your Dept./Faculty/Unit has documentation and retention responsibilities?

Original receipts for PCard transactions and approved POPS timesheets, just to name a few, must be retained.
View our Record Retention of Supporting Documentation Table for more information.


You may have some responsibilities relating to research administration?

A document, sponsored by the Vice Principal (Research and International Relations) and the Vice-Principal (Administration and Finance), defines the roles and responsibilities of individuals and units, including McGill’s administrative offices and the research community, as these relate to research administration.
Read more about this on our Research Administration & Accountability page in the "For Researchers" section of this site.


The Financial Services Knowledg Base contains listings of commonly used account codes?

Check out these articles.
Expense Account Code Definitions (non-Salary) 
Salary Account Code Definitions 
Revenue Account Code Definitions (from external sources)
A complete listing of FOAPAL (fund, org, account, program, activity, location) codes are available in Minerva > Finance > Public FOAPAL Hierarchy Reports.