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The IASL celebrates 65 Years of Excellence in Air and Space Law!

The Institute of Air and Space Law is turning 65 this year, and is still going strong!

Since 1951, the Institute has trained 1,000 specialists in air and space law from all over the world. Today, the IASL is undoubtedly the most prominent and decorated educational and research institution in the world in the domain.

The countless events, seminars, conferences, and publications over the past 65 years are testament to the Institute's dynamism, as well as commitment to outreach and innovative research. This year, we have a whole roster of activities to mark this special occasion.

We welcome you to join us in celebrating this special year and hope to see you at our events soon!


Fifth Manfred Lachs International Conference on Global Space Governance and the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, 5-6 May 2017


7 February 2017                        Deadline for abstract submission
24 February 2017                      Notification to authors
14 April 2017                            Deadline for paper submission
5-6 May 2017                            Conference

The 2017 Manfred Lachs Conference (MLC17) will be hosted by McGill University’s Institute of Air and Space Law (IASL) in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, from 5-6 May 2017 in order to address: What are the governance mechanisms related to global outer space activities that ought to be adopted to facilitate achieving the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals?

In addition, the findings and recommendations from the International Study on Global Space Governance that resulted from the Montreal Declaration as adopted at the 2nd Manfred Lachs Conference in May 2014 will be presented at the 5th MLC17. Many of these findings and recommendations are relevant to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The participants to the 5th MLC17 will have a chance to comment on these findings and recommendations as they will also be presented to UNISPACE+50.

MLC17 will be organized together with the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) as one of the key Workshops/Conferences in preparation of the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (UNCOPUOS) fiftieth anniversary of the first UNISPACE Conference (UNISPACE+50) (UN Doc A/AC.105/L.297). MLC17 will address UNISPACE+50 Thematic Priority II, the “legal regime of outer space and global space governance: future and current perspectives”. The key ideas from this Conference will be presented at the Fall 2017 High-Level Forum in preparation for UNISPACE+50 with an aim to providing viable input to UNISPACE+50 in 2018.

Please visit the dedicated conference page for more information.

The IASL is just popping in to wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season and a very happy new year!

Back in 2017!

10th Annual McGill Conference on International Aviation Law and Insurance
17-18 June 2017, Montreal, Canada

The McGill Institute of Air and Space Law cordially invites you to attend the 10th Annual McGill Conference on International Aviation Law and Insurance, which will be taking place on 17-18 June 2017 in Montreal, Canada. This event brings together world-leading aviation liability and insurance experts to address the following topics:

  • Recent developments  in aviation liability and insurance
  • Comparative jurisprudence under the Warsaw system and the Montreal Convention of 1999 
  • Liability of airlines, airports, lessors, manufacturers, maintenance providers & ANSPs
  • Challenges of settlement
  • Products liability of manufacturers and lessors of aircraft, engines and component parts
  • Governmental liability
  • Consumer protection regulation and litigation
  • Unruly passengers and liability for acts of unlawful interference
  • Accident investigations, Annex13, and criminalization of international aviation

Other than being a platform to keep up to date with the latest developments in aviation law and insurance and an opportunity to network with movers and shakers in the industry, the Conference will also coincide with the Montreal Grand Prix,  the Montreal Jazz Festival, as well as a whole host of festivities surrounding the 375th anniversary of this historic city. So be sure to save the date in your agenda and attend this annual event that brings together practitioners and scholars in the field.

Information on registering for this prestigious event and the full programme, which will include details of the panels and the list of distinguished speakers and participants, will be available shortly.

For more information about the conference, including unique opportunities for sponsorship, please contact maria [dot] damico [at] mcgill [dot] ca (subject: Tenth%20Annual%20McGill%20University%20CONFERENCE%20ON%20INTERNATIONAL%20AVIATION%20%20LAW%20%26%20INSURANCE) (Maria D'Amico).

The IASL class of 2016 visit Air Canada and ICAO

On 28 November 2016, a group of 22 students enjoyed the unique opportunity to visit the headquarters of Air Canada. Under the hospitality of employees at Air Canada, they were given a special tour of the crew training facilities and enjoyed lectures by  seasoned professionals at the legal and regulatory affairs department and the network planning department of Canada's flag carrier. The visit was a special occasion to learn about the fascinating issues and challenges of operating in the competitive airline industry. There, students  gained first-hand understanding on how, through a variety of innovative business practices and careful management and planning, Air Canada is recognised as one of the top air carriers in North America. The visit was made possible with the kind assistance of IASL alumna and Adjunct Professor Martine de Serre, who teaches Government Regulation of Air Transport, and Ms. Kerianne Wilson, who during her studies at the Institute began working in legal and regulatory affairs at Air Canada.

Some of the students in the LLM Air and Space Law programme in the assembly hall of ICAO.

The visit to Air Canada, as well as a recent visit to  and guided tour of the headquarters of the International Civil Aviation Organization, is one of many class trips to renowned aviation and space industries and forms an integral part of the educational programme at the IASL, which places great emphasis on practical experiences and allowing students to network with professionals in the field. The group of students is made up of students from the regular LLM programme in Air and Space Law, exchange students and final year undergraduate students at the McGill Faculty of Law who are taking the Airline Business and Law course on offer at the Institute. As in previous years, the students hail from 14 countries and are representative of the international and intercultural learning environment that the Institute is proud of.




As in the previous six years, the Centre for Research in Air and Space Law (CRASL) of the Faculty of Law at McGill University, Montreal, Canada, intends to appoint one or two Postdoctoral Research Fellow(s) during the 2017-2018 academic year.

The Postdoctoral Research Fellowship(s) will be funded by the Erin J C Arsenault Trust Fund and the appointment(s) shall be for an initial duration of one year with a possibility of renewal for a second year. The Postdoctoral Fellow(s) will work as part of a research team at the Centre for Research in Air and Space Law under the leadership and supervision of Professor Ram S. Jakhu, Director of the CRASL.

The principal objective of the Postdoctoral Research Fellowship program is to train the next generation of Space Law professionals interested in pursuing academic careers in Space Law. Accordingly, in addition to completing a major research project (described below), successful candidates, as members of the CRASL team, may also be required to participate in all activities of the CRASL and the Institute of Air and Space Law (IASL)


Applicants must hold a postgraduate doctoral degree in law (preferably in space law of international law) obtained within the last five years. The ideal candidate must have a solid track record of original research, a high level of proficiency in English, and must propose a research project that substantively interacts with the CRASL's Space Law research agenda described above.

The criteria for selection are as follows:

  • originality, quality, and relevance to the CRASL's Space Law research agenda of the research project proposed by the candidate;
  • ability of the candidate to conduct legal research and perform other academic tasks as evidenced by the candidate's previous track record of original research and publications;
  • availability and willingness of the candidate to participate actively in the academic life and collegial governance of the CRASL and the IASL, including a commitment to be physically present in Montreal during the tenure of the postdoctoral fellowship; and
  • the candidate's desire and preparedness to pursue an academic career in Space Law.


The deadline for receiving applications is 15 December 2016. The review of applications will commence on 3 January 2017 and continue until the position(s) is (are) filled. This full-time position will begin on 1 June 2017 and will last until 31 May 2018. The position will pay a taxable minimum salary of C$50,000 per annum.

Applications are to be submitted electronically to the attention of maria [dot] damico [at] mcgill [dot] ca (subject: Arsenault%20Postdoctroral%20Fellowship) (Maria D’Amico). Applicants must submit a covering letter, a curriculum vitae, a research proposal (maximum four pages), a transcript of postgraduate (doctoral) studies, and one or more writing samples (from peer-reviewed publications, if possible). Applicants should also name three referees who may be invited by the CRASL to send letters of reference.

For more information about the Fellowships, please take a look at the dedicated website or contact ram [dot] jakhu [at] mcgill [dot] ca (subject: Arsenault%20Postdocotral%20Fellowship) (Professor Ram S. Jakhu).

Institute of Air and Space Law 65th Anniversary Gala

On 7 October 2016, the Institute of Air and Space Law celebrated its 65th anniversary at a gala event held in Montreal. The festive event was attended by over 120 participants. Dr. Fang Liu, Secretary-General of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), and Mr. John Augustin, Director of the ICAO Legal Bureau, were among the VIPs present and added to the celebratory mood with their presence.

Director Ram Jakhu with Lifelong Dedicated Service Award recipient Ms. Maria D'Amico. Maria is undoubtedly the heart and soul of the Institute and has been for the past 38 years.An inspiring keynote speech was delivered by Mr. Yves Desjardins-Siciliano (President and CEO of VIA Rail, a graduate of the IASL). Prof. Armand de Mestral (former Director of the IASL) presented thoughts on the important role that IASL plays in the air and space law education in the world, while Dr. Michael Milde (former Director of the IASL) traced the historical origin of the Institute. Current IASL Director Ram Jakhu provided the guests at the gala with a "State of the IASL" address to highlight the proud achievements of the Institute in the past six and a half decades as well as the role its various directors, staffs, and students have played, and continue to play, in the extensive academic, research, and outreach activities of the Institute. In recognition of her commitment to the Institute and her passion for her work in the past thirty-eight years, Ms. Maria D'Amico was presented with the Lifelong Dedicated Service Award amid a standing ovation.

Institute Director Professor Ram Jakhu and former Directors Professor Armand de Mestral and Professor Michael Milde. After 65 years, the McGill Institute of Air and Space Law remains the world’s premier educational and research institution in the field of air law and space law. With the largest number of fellowships and prizes on offer to encourage students and professionals to engage in the study of air and space law at the masters, doctoral, and post-doctoral levels, to date over a thousand proud graduates of the Institute occupy recognised and senior positions in many government ministries, international organisations, airlines, the judiciary, and academia. In 1996, the Institute was decorated with the prestigious Edward Warner Award for its ground-breaking achievements and "unparalleled contributions to the development of international air law and to the examination of contemporary aviation issues”.

The education programme and research agenda of the Institute and its research arm, the Centre for Research in Air and Space Law, have evolved over the years to keep in touch - often with creative foresight - with the new issues and challenges. The Centre has been prolific in publishing and disseminating peer-reviewed publications related to this rapidly developing field of law, including the renowned Annals of Air and Space Law. Further, the Institute and Centre have organised countless events and conferences around the world and been at the forefront of spearheading innovative projects, such as the Global Space Governance Study and most recent project to draft the Manual on International Law Applicable to Military Activities in Outer Space.

Current and former students of the IASL family. All these achievements could not have been possible without the hard work and determination of the Institute’s dedicated staffs and students, the great generosity of the Institute’s donors and supporters, as well as the continual support of the Institute’s extensive network of alumni around the world. At 65, the Institute is entering a new future and will continue to fulfil its mission and vision of being the world’s foremost centre for research and education in the fields of air and space law.

More pictures can be seen under the News section.

McGill space law moot team in the Semi-Finals of the Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court

Photo courtesy of Adam Newsome - Our Team posing with ICJ judges Hanqin Xue, Peter Tomka & Kirill Gevorgian

This week, our Space Law Moot Team, representing North America, participated in the 2016 World Finals of the Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court Competition, in Guadalajara, Mexico, where they won the Eilene M. Galloway Award for Best Memorials.

The Team is composed of Aram Daniel Kerkonian and Ted Adam Newsome, with Maria Manoli as the coach and Prof. Ram Jakhu as the Faculty Advisor.

We are very proud of them and send them our warmest congratulations!

Photo courtesy of Adam Newsome - The team posing with ICJ judges Hanqin Xue, Peter Tomka & Kirill Gevorgian


Occasional Paper Series on Sustainable International Civil Aviation

In the run-up the 39th Triennial ICAO Assembly later this year, which will address the matter of CO2  emissions from international aviation, researchers and academics at the McGill Institute of Air and Space Law and the Centre for International Sustainable Development Law (CISDL) have teamed up to publish a number of papers falling under the umbrella theme of Sustainable International Civil Aviation.

The research papers in this special Occasional Paper Series address various policy, legal and technical means and issues relating to the regulation of the impact of international aviation on the environment, and will form the core of a much anticipated book that will be published at a later date by Cambridge University Press. These papers aim to contribute to the growing interest and debates on the issue of the environmental impact and sustainability of civil aviation. It is hoped that these papers will contribute to the work of the Assembly and that informed readers and delegates participating at the ICAO Assembly will have constructive comments to share with the authors.

The papers below were edited by Prof Armand de Mestral (CISDL/IASL, McGill University, Canada), Prof Dr P Paul Fitzgerald (McGill University, Canada) and Prof Dr Md Tanveer Ahmad (North South University, Bangladesh), with research support from Mr Michael Jourdan J Navarro (CISDL).

  • Occasional Paper III: Seeking Global Environmental Harmony in Aviation
    by Paul P. Fitzgerald
  • Occasional Paper IV: Settlement of Dispute at ICAO and Sustainable Development
    by Mathieu Vageois, under the direction of Armand de Mestal
  • Occasional Paper V: International Civil Aviation and Sustainable Development: The Application of WTO Law
    by Emilie Conway and Armand de Mestral
  • Occasional Paper VI: Sustainable Flight Management and Aviation
    by P. Paul Fitzgerald and Md. Tanveer Ahmad
  • Occasional Paper VII: Environmental Sustainability Measures for Airports  
    by Maha Mousavi Sameh & Juliana Scavuzzi
  • Occasional Paper VIII: Exporting Environmental Values through Open Skies
    by Kuan-Wei Chen
  • Occasional Paper IX: Sustainable Development Initiatives in the Aviation Industry in Latin America: Focus on Brazil
    by Juliana Scavuzzi & Maha Mousavi Sameh
  • Occasional Paper X: Getting to Global Cooperation: ICAO and Climate Change
    by Alejandro Piera
  • Occasional Paper XI:  Global Civil Aviation Emissions Standards – from Noise to Greener Fuels
    by Md. Tanveer Ahmad
  • Occasional Paper XII: Technology Developments and Renewable Fuels for Sustainable Aviation
    by David W. Zingg and Ömer L. Gülder
  • Occasional Paper XIII: Sustainable Aviation and the Transfer of Environmentally Sound Technologies to Africa: Paradoxes, Barriers and Prospects
    by Damilola S. Olawuyi
  • Occasional Paper XIV:  Inspirations from Sustainable Maritime Development
    by Jeffrey J. Smith
  • Occasional Paper XV: Aviation and Sustatinable Development: Perspectives from the Asia-Pacific
    by by Jae Woon Lee, Benoît Mayer and Joseph Wheeler

  • Occasional Paper XVI: Catastrophic aviation emissions: The Namuhs meet the Humans
    by Richard Janda and Juan Pinto

  • Occasional Paper XVIII: Sustainable Tourism and the Impact of Climate Change on the Caribbean

The papers can be accessed and downloaded from the dedicated page on Sustainable International Civil Aviation.

Professor Ram Jakhu honoured with IAASS Leonardo da Vinci Award

Professor Ram Jakhu, the new Director of the Institute, received the Leonardo da Vinci Life-Long Achievement Award from the International Association for the Advancement of Space Safety (IAASS).

The Leonardo da Vinci Award honours distinguished individuals who advance space safety and the mission goals and core values of the IAASS. The award itself is a bronze plaque with the "Vitruvian Man", which is symbolism for recognising those space safety professionals who dedicate themselves to the truth and innovative discovery.

Professor Jakhu has been the Chairman of the IAASS Space Safety Legal and Regulatory Committee for nine years running, and he is the second person ever to receive this prestigeous award. He was recognised for his "lifelong passion for promoting knowledge centred on the value of care for the wellbeing of space explorers and travelers, and for the protection of the orbital environment". Further, the IAASS recognised Professor Jakhu's contributions in championing space safety and sustainability through space law and took note of his "oustanding research on regulatory aspects of space regulations".

In a letter congratulating Professor Jakhu, Vice-Principal (Research and International Relations) Rosie Goldstein underlined the Leonardo Da Vinci Life-long Achievement Award is "a testimony to [his] accomplishments in the development and advancement of space law", and praised his work for reinforcing McGill University's position at the forefront of research and training.

Congratulations, Professor Jakhu!

McGill University Officially Launches the MILAMOS Project

Professor Ram Jakhu launching the MILAMOS Project in front of a group of around 80 conference participants from all over the world.  At the opening of the 4th Manfred Lachs Conference on Conflicts in Space and the Rule of Law, representatives from McGill University and partner institution the University of Adelaide officially launched the interdisciplinary and international project to draft the McGill Manual on International Law Applicable to Military Uses of Outer Space (MILAMOS).

This unique project, which to date enjoys the support of the Government of Canada, the support of the International Committee of the Red Cross, as well as support from a growing number of international experts, aims to draft a widely-accepted manual clarifying the rules applicable to the military use of outer space. These rules would clarify and regulate the range of activities that can be conducted in times of peace, as well as in periods of tension and armed conflict. The Project is  made possible with financial contributions from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and the Erin JC Arsenault Trust Fund at McGill University,  established to support initiatives and research into the peaceful uses of outer space and space governance.

The launch event was attended by over 80 people from all over the world. Underlining the importance and necessity of the MILAMOS Project were Dean Jutras welcoming participants and speaking about the contributions of the Institute and Centre as a hub for research and teaching in air and space law. Professor Ram Jakhu, Chair of the MILAMOS Project Management Board, Dr Dale Stephens, Editor-in-Chief of the Project and Director of the University of Adelaide's Research Unit on Military Law and Ethics (RUMLAE), Professor Paul Dempsey, Director of the Institute of Air and Space Law and the Centre for the Research in Air and Space Law, the Dean of McGill Faculty of Law, Professor Daniel Jutras, and McGill University's Vice Principal (Research and Innovations), Dr. Rosie Goldstein.

The Institute and Centre have long been a recognised hub for teaching, critical thinking and research in the field of air and space law, and the MILAMOS Project demonstrates the innovation and strength of these institutions. The project aims to ensure, for the sake of the long-term sustainability and peaceful uses of outer space, that all activities are governed by the rule of law.

Dr. Rosie Goldstein, Vice Principal (Innovations and Research), speaks about how proud McGill is to spearhead the project to produce the Manual on International Law Applicable to Military Uses of Outer Space. Dean Jutras expressed his support for the Institute and the Centre in spearheading the Project that will no doubt have great international influence on public policy-making and the legal regulation of affairs in outer space in years to come.  Dr. Goldstein made welcoming remarks, partly in French, and noted McGill University's pride in leading such a project.

Additionally, Dr David Kendall, the incoming Chair of the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, gave the Conference's Keynote Address and praised McGill and the University of Adelaide for their foresight in conceptualising and conceiving this groundbreaking and innovative project, particularly in the current geopolitical climate of "considerable distrust". Mr. Niklas Hedman, of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs, spoke about how the Project will address security and sustainability issues that will be a focus of the upcoming UNISPACE+50 event in 2018.

Much of the discussions at the Conference related to issues that will form the challenging concepts and developments that the MILAMOS Project aims to grapple with. The discussions, contacts and fruitful exchanges facilitated at the Conference provided the international community with ideas and means to recognise the legal restraints on conflicts in outer space, to promote a stable, rules-based global order in outer space and to reduce the impetus towards an arms race and conflict in outer space.

The official press statement regarding the MILAMOS Project is available in both English and French, and more information about the MILAMOS Project can be accessed at the dedicated MILAMOS website.

Volume XL of the Annals of Air and Space Law has been published!

In addition to dozens of articles written by experts in the domain of air and space law, this special volume of the Annals contains a focus section dedicated to the discussion on whether various military uses of outer space is compatible with the "peaceful uses" of outer space. For more information and a list of the articles, visit the Volume XL page.

IASL Association Annual Dinner

On 18 April  2016, the Institute of Air and Space Law Association held its Annual Dinner at the McGill Faculty Club.

It was a festive event to induct students of the class of 2015-2016 into the Association and mark the achievements of outgoing Director Professor Paul Dempsey. The IASL alumni and people in attendance also took a moment to remember the contributions of Dr Nicolas Mateesco Matte, who passed away earlier in the week.

Professor Paul Dempsey, the outgoing Director of the Institute of Air and Space Law, and future Director Professor Ram Jakhu exchange hand shakes and smiles at this festive occasion. 

The members of the class of 2015-2016 were inducted into the Institute of Air and Space Law Assosciation to become part of a growing family IASL graduates who are located all over the world.

More pictures can be seen here.

Obituary: Dr. Nicolas Mateesco Matte

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing away of Dr. Nicolas Mateesco Matte at the venerable age of 102 on 13 April 2016. Dr. Matte joins his dear wife Monica, deceased in 2008, and leaves behind his daughter Anne-Karyne (Jacques Latreille) and his son Daniel, as well as his grandsons Jordan-Nicolas and Mikaël-Darcy.

At McGill, Dr. Matte was one of the great experts in air and space law, a prolific scholar, and a formidable figure – leading the Institute of Air and Space Law for fifteen years, between 1976 and 1991. A member of the Royal Society of Canada, Dr. Matte was also chevalier de la Légion d’honneur, a Commander of the National Order of Romania, and an Officer of the Order of Canada.

In lieu of flowers, the family asks that donations be made to the Nicolas Mateesco Matte Fellowship at McGill University's Faculty of Law (lauren [dot] donnelly [at] mcgill [dot] ca 514-398-2770).

Focus online (Jan. 2014): Happy 100th birthday, Professor Matte!

Globe and Mail (24 May 2016): Nicolas Mateesco Matte: Romanian émigré became eminent legal expert

10 May 2016: Summit on Legal Developments in the Airline Industry

Shanghai, China

Organized by McGill University and the East China University of Political Science & Law.

File 2016 International Forum on Aviation Law (Shanghai) Registration Form


20 May 2016: Ninth Annual Conference on International Aviation Law and Insurance

Edinburgh, Scotland

Organized by McGill University and PEOPIL, this event brings together world-leading aviation liability and insurance experts to address the following topics:

  • Recent Developments  in Aviation Liability and Insurance
  • Comparative Jurisprudence under the Warsaw System and the Montreal Convention of 1999
  • Jurisdiction & Forum Non Conveniens
  • Liability of Airlines, Airports, Lessors, Manufacturers, Maintenance Providers & ANSPs
  • Challenges of Settlement

Download latest version of programme (28 April 2016) and registration form:  File programme_aviation_edinburgh_2016_conference_4may16.docx

This event is sponsored by:


27-28 May 2016: 4th Manfred Lachs International Conference on Conflicts in Space and the Rule of Law

Montreal, Canada (Best Western Ville Marie Hotel)

This 4th Annual Manfred Lachs Conference will address issues related to the state of the art in current and future military and security technologies and activities, the development of military policies and doctrines, the challenges and risks they represent in terms of space security, the national exploitation of space natural resources, space sustainability, and the peaceful uses of outer space for the benefit of all. In addition, presentation will address the adequacy and inadequacy of the current rules of international space law, public international law, and international humanitarian law, with respect to conflict avoidance in outer space.

For more information, please visit the 4th Manfred Lachs Conference page.

You can now register online:

Should you have any question, mlc [dot] iasl [at] mcgill [dot] ca (please contact Maria Manoli).



30 May-3 June 2016 – 3rd Strategic Space Law program

Montreal, Canada (Best Western Ville Marie Hotel)

The McGill University, Centre for Research in Air and Space Law, and the University of Adelaide Law School (Australia) are organizing the 3rd Annual Strategic Space Law Program. This Program is a one-week intensive, interdisciplinary, international and interactive program designed for lawyers and other professionals in the defense services, international relations, government, international organizations, law firms, consulting firms and industry interested in studying space law from a strategic perspective. The Program will follow the 4th Manfred Lachs Conference.

Program Highlights

  • 25 core lectures from experts on the concepts, principles and rules involved in the various disciplines that touch on Strategic Space Law.
  • 10 Hands-on practical exercises linked to lectures, on topics such as diplomatic negotiations, aerospace traffic management, military use of spectrum, space debris and simulated legal, policy and commercial problem-solving and debate.
  • Social and other networking activities.

We have now a PDF icon preliminary program and timetable with registration form [.pdf] available (as of March 24, 2016) and a program explainer [.pdf].

UPDATE: online registration now open:

Should you have any question, please contact Maria Manoli at mlc [dot] iasl [at] mcgill [dot] ca.

4-8 July 2016: Workshop on Aviation Law for Regulators


Organized by McGill University and the Singapore Aviation Academy, this 4-day workshop provides a comprehensive and in-depth coverage on contemporary issues on aviation law for airport regulators and examine how the knowledge can be applied to protect the interests of the various airport stakeholders.  

Upon completion of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Understand contemporary issues in aviation;
  • Understand the legal and regulatory framework;
  • Examine the common and new challenges faced by regulators of airport operators, aircraft manufacturers, air navigation service providers(ANSPs), and airlines;
  • Apply legal knowledge in decision making and protect the public interest of the relevant stakeholders.

The workshop will be taught by Professor Paul Dempsey, Professor Ludwig Webber, and Ms Kate Markhvida.

Download the Aviation Law Workshop description and program [.pdf]

Download the PDF registration file from

Good news from the Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court Competition

Maria Manoli, Aram Daniel Kerkonian, Julius Dunton and Ted Adam Newsome.

McGill’s Institute of Air and Space Law (IASL) Team won the North American Round of the Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court Competition, where it competed against 11 other schools, mainly from the US. The competition took place 1-2 April 2016 in Washington, DC.

The McGill Team successfully mooted over two days and won each and every match it participated in. The final round was judged by Senior Counsels of NASA and Lockheed Martin. In addition, team member Aram Daniel Kerkonian won the best oralist award and our memorials were graded to have the overall highest score amongst all competing teams.

The Team is composed of Aram Daniel Kerkonian, Ted Adam Newsome, and Julius Dunton. Maria Manoli, research assistant at the IASL, coached the team and Professor Ram Jakhu acted as the Faculty Advisor.  The McGill Team will now compete in the International Finals, representing North America, against the winners of the European, Asia-Pacific and African rounds, in Guadalajara, Mexico, in September 2016. The Final competition will be judged by three sitting judges of the International Court of Justice.


New Publications from the CRASL!


The Centre for Research in Air and Space Law is pleased to announce the publication of Global Space Governance, in its Monograph series, and of Unravelling Open Skies, which inaugurates the new Occasional Paper Series.

We invite you to take a look at the latest publications, which deal with the very topical matter of the governance of outer space activities and the debate and controversies surrounding alleged state-subsidies provided to Middle East carriers, and the access of low-cost carrier Norwegian International to the United States.

Ram Jakhu to head IASL for a year

The Faculty of Law is pleased to announce that Professor Ram Jakhu has been appointed Director of the Research Center and the Institute of Air and Space Law (IASL), for a one-year term that will begin on 1 June 2016, when the outgoing director, Professor Paul S. Dempsey, will be stepping down.

“Our colleagues Paul Dempsey and Ram Jakhu have carried the IASL to new heights, in a competitive environment in which we have seen other Air and Space Law centers and institutes emerge elsewhere in Europe and America. Through their hard work, the IASL now works closely with international organizations, including the United Nations, on a broad range of public policy, research and educational initiatives addressing the regulatory regime of aviation, and an optimal governance regime for outer space,” said Dean Daniel Jutras. “And we know how vibrant and loyal the IASL alumni community is, increasing the Institute’s visibility around the world.”

Keep reading...

Congratulations, Md Tanveer Ahmad!

The IASL is pleased to announce that Md Tanveer Ahmad, LLM'10, successfully defended his doctoral thesis on 21 January 2016.

His thesis, which was written under the supervision of Professor Paul Dempsey, is titled “Toward governing emissions from aviation that contribute to climate change and global warming.” Bravo to our newest DCL!

Great news! Our books can now be purchased online!

We are pleased to announce that publications of the Centre for Research in Air and Space Law, including the latest volumes of the Annals of Air and Space Law, are now available for purchase online. In cooperation with the McGill Bookstore, these publications can be purchased and delivered to you promptly all with a few clicks of the button. 

Older volumes of the Annals will gradually also be made available for purchase online. Over the coming period, the website will also feature a searchable index for users to find and access individual articles based on the topic and/or name of the author. These developments will prove to be of great convenience to readers and researchers, so we hope you will make the most use of these new features.

To purchase our publications, visit our McGill Bookstore page.

Celebrating 60 years at the IASL

The Institute of Air and Space Law looks back on a rich history of over 60 years of education, public service and scholarship. Over 900 of its loyal graduates today serve in some of the highest legal positions; at the bar, in the industry; and for governmental and international agencies in some 120 nations around the world. Come and join us at the IASL!