November Question of the Month Results


Total respondents polled: 40

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Question 1: What is your status?

Question 2: When was the last time you accessed the portal?

46 % respondents access the portal all the time!

Question 3: What services do you access from the portal?

Minerva, mycourses and email are the top services accessed.

Question 4: If the portal is down, are you still able to access the services you need?

69 % respondents are able to access services when the portal is down.

Question 5: How can we improve the myMcGill portal?

Here are some responses:

  • Add links to content that is relevant to all students and staff. For instance: why is myInvolvement not there?
  • Organize the content.
  • All I access from the Portal is myCourses and Minerva, but that's inconvenient because myCourses opens a separate tab and requires a duplicate login.

Question 6: Additional comments:

  • If links to other major systems are added to the portal and it serves as a single-login function, it would have a lot more value to staff (no need to remember all the URLs for present, servicenow, limesurvey, etc.).
  • Setting up an occasional lunch and learn to explain the new features or developing a quick instructional video would be a plus.

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