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Innovation in Context 2: Scaling Up

18 Nov 2017 09:00

Continuing the conversation we started last year, this second installment of our workshop series will focus on how to scale up innovation. It will look at how individuals, companies, firms, and the ecosystem itself can turn the success of a single popular idea or product into a larger environment cultivating sustained innovation. But how does this happen? How do we harness the true diversity of our communities to scale up innovation? How do we build sufficient capacity for these ecosystems?...

The Labouring Subject of Refugee Economies

23 Nov 2017 10:30

The CHRLP invites you to a talk by O'Brien Fellow in Residence Ranabir Samaddar. We share the article he will be discussing here [.docx]


Henry James’s “Obscure Hurt” - Chronic Pain as Figurative Being

24 Nov 2017 13:00

The Centre for Human Rights and Legal Pluralism welcome to you a Disability and Human Right Initiative talk with Michael Snediker (University of Houston),  a well-known poet and a scholar of American literature and disability theory.


Poisonous Science : the Dark Side of Academic Copyright in the Digital Age

27 Nov 2017 13:00

Join us for a CIPP/Lallemand Seminar with Professor Roberto Caso, co-director of Trento University's LawTech Group.


Copyright on academic and scientific publications (papers, articles, essays, books etc.) is the result of the interaction between formal rules (copyright law), social norms (norms of science) and technology (printing press, digital technologies).

Prior to the digital age, academic copyright has had two main functions.


Migration and Climate Change: Legal and Practical Challenges

29 Nov 2017 13:00

Join us for a CHRLP/Oppenheimer Chair talk with Steinberg Post-Doctoral Fellow Hanna Haile.

RSVP at oppenheimer [at]


Although human movement related to environmental change is not a new phenomenon, there is a growing concern that the numbers of persons displaced as a result of the current and future trends in global climate change could turn out to be unmanageably large.


There’s Something in the Water: Environmental Health Inequities & The Politics of Place & Waste in Indigenous & Black Communities in Nova Scotia

7 Dec 2017 12:30

The Research Group on Health and Law (RGHL) and the Institute for Health and Social Policy (IHSP) are pleased to invite you to a seminar by Ingrid Waldron, Visiting Professor at McGill and Associate Professor at Dalhousie University.

Her talk will take place in the conference room of Charles Meredith House, 1130 Pine Avenue West, Montreal.


Fiduciaries of Humanity and International Law - MLJ Symposium

19 Jan 2018 09:00

The McGill Law Journal (MLJ) invites you a symposium titled ‘Fiduciaries of Humanity and International Law.’ Using the theory of international law from Fiduciaries of Humanity as a touchstone or springboard, leading scholars on international law will engage critically the most significant issues of international law today.