Teaching and learning law

Talking Teaching is where our faculty members and lecturers share their perspectives on teaching and learning law, and answer questions related to their motivation to teach, their favorite teaching memory, or their students’ learning. To share your ideas with colleagues through Talking Teaching, contact Carolyn Samuel from McGill Teaching & Learning Services.

Shauna Van Praagh:
Asking Good Questions

Jonas-Sébastien Beaudry
Jonas-Sébastien Beaudry:
Appreciating values

Mark Antaki:
Being Self-Aware

Geneviève Saumier:
Building Confidence

Helge Dedek:
Developing Skills

Stephen Smith:
Drawing parallels

Alana Klein:
Encouraging Agency

Roderick Macdonald:
Exploiting Failure

Angela Campbell:
Focusing Attention

Helena Lamed:
Fostering Connections

Nandini Ramanujam:
Learning first-hand

Pierre-Emmanuel Moyse
Pierre-Emmanuel Moyse:
Owning scholarship

François Crépeau:
Teaching Justice

Jaye Ellis
Jaye Ellis:
Reading purposefully

Véronique Bélanger
Véronique Bélanger:
Stimulating curiosity

Tina Piper:
Thinking Small

Robert Leckey:
Tracking Progress

Mohsen al Attar
Mohsen al Attar:
Tweaking assignments

Hoi Kong:
Using Feedback

Rosalie Jukier:
Varying Paths