Aspirin effective in preventing VTE following surgery

A recent clinical trial showed that aspirin was as effective as the standard anti-coagulation medication at preventing post-operative venous thromboembolism.

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Brenda Milner: Infinitely inquisitive

La Presse reflects on Dr. Brenda Milner’s (ongoing) fascinating career several months shy of her 100th birthday.

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Discussing hypertension

Dr. Ernesto L. Schiffrin joined Circulation’s Circ on the Run podcast to discuss the global impact of the 2017 ACC/AHA Hypertension guidelines.

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Why "bad" does not equal “mad” 

Dr. Rob Whitley examines media coverage of mass killings and the recent trend to label the perpetrators as “mad” even in the absence of evidence of mental illness.

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Health care students practice their communication skills 

CTV Montreal visited our Simulation Centre to learn about the important role of standardized patients, individuals who are trained to recreate real patient concerns during simulated clinical scenarios with McGill health care students.

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McGill student-developed MASH unit takes off

A new student-led initiative known as the McGill Association of Students in Healthcare (MASH) brings together diverse student groups across campus with a shared interest in health care.

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Launch of the Indigenous Health Professions Program (IHPP)

Eniethi’nikonhraiéntho’: “We’ll plant a seed in their minds”
The fragrance of sage hung in the air and the sound of drumming and singing was heard at the Faculty Club on March 1.

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Pancreatic cancer research: personalized approach brings new hope to patients

The Research Institute of the MUHC is proud to join forces with other partners under the Terry Fox initiative bringing new hope with personalized medicine for patients with this deadly disease.

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Scientists Dr. Martin Richer and Dr. Selena Sagan at McGill University shed new light on immune system response to Zika Virus. 

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The Steinberg Centre for Simulation and Interactive Learning is in its 10th year of enhancing the skills of health care professionals.

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