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16th McGill International Entrepreneurship Conference on


August 2-5, 2013 - McGill University, Montreal

McGill International Entrepreneurship Conference Series

The McGill international Entrepreneurship (MIE) conference series has traditionally examined frontier issues related to entrepreneurial internationalization and internationalization of the small and medium sized enterprise (SMEs).

International entrepreneurs and entrepreneurially-oriented firms have dominated the growth of the global economy in the past two decades. These firms deploy innovative and competitive strategies to achieve growth at home and global markets; they also force older firms to re-examine their past strategies and influence the dynamics of competition.

Hosted by: The Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University, Montreal

In association with: The McGill International Executive Institute, The network of international entrepreneurship scholars (ie-scholar.net) and The Journal of International Entrepreneurship. 

Past Feature Speakers

Following the tradition established by the previous conferences since 1998, this conference aims to bring together leading-edge views of academic scholars, insightful practitioners and policy makers with interests in the fields of International Entrepreneurship to examine the potent forces and influences, consequent changes and the dominant pattern(s) of emerging developments in international entrepreneurship.

In previous plenary sessions, prominent scholars, including Zoltan Acs, Howard Aldrich, Paul Beamish, Nicole Coviello, Leo-Paul Dana, Hamid Etemad, Jean François Hennart, Jan Johanson, Jerome Katz, Peter Liesch, Benjamin Oviatt, Patricia McDougall, Tage Koed Madsen and Alan Rugman, among many others, presented provocative ideas in moving research frontiers forward.


The 2013 annual conference will follows its traditional structure, possibly in three parts:

i) Research-Intensive Workshop:

An intensive, two-day research conference will focus on examination and the further development of potent concepts, frameworks, theories and methodologies for better understanding of internationalizing entrepreneurial firms facing internationalization challenges. This part will provide a unique opportunity for scholars to discuss path-breaking concepts, ideas, frameworks and theory-essentials in the plenary and competitive paper sessions by discussing their on-going research. Only unpublished completed, or nearly-completed, papers are invited for presentation and feedback from other scholars and invited practitioners and policy makers. A selected list of papers will be considered for further publication in scholarly venues, including special issues of the Journal of International Entrepreneurship and McGill International Entrepreneurship Book Series (Elgar publishing), among others. For previous publications resulting from the conference see Past Publications below.

The Conference Invites empirical and theoretical research papers on any of the following topics and related areas.

An illustrative list includes, but is not limited to, the following themes:

  • Creation and testing of theoretical frameworks in IE with associated methodologies and measurements
  • Characteristics and practices of international entrepreneurs
  • Cross-national comparisons of growth patterns of internationally-oriented and entrepreneurial firms
  • Entrepreneurial characteristics and challenges in internationalizing firms
  • De-internationalization and its consequences
  • Gender issues in International Entrepreneurship
  • IE related to geographically dispersed operations
  • IE in the context of regional industrial or virtual clusters
  • Internationalization trajectories over a firm’s life-cycle
  • Impacts of internationalizations of upstream and downstream value chains on International Entrepreneurship
  • Impact of entrepreneurially-oriented firms on regional and national economies
  • Impact of institutional, learning and network theories on entrepreneurial internationalization
  • Internet-enabled IE
  • IE in the Southern Hemisphere
  • IE in the circumpolar Regions
  • Methodological issues in IE research
  • Patterns of internationalization in smaller entrepreneurial firms in emerging markets
  • Rapidly internationalizing and high-growth firms
  • The nexus of ethnic, family and international entrepreneurship
  • Other topics of relevance to the conference theme

Proposals: The Conference invites cohesive proposals for:

i) sessions covering aspects of theory building and methodological issues
ii) formation of multi-location and multi period data-bases for testing theory as well as pedagogical cases and
iii) suggestions for content and delivery of pertinent topics for the Doctoral Colloquium, among other conference-related topics.

Please contact Professor Hamid Etemad at hamid [dot] etemad [at] mcgill [dot] ca

ii) Doctoral Colloquium:

This part is a dedicated one-day workshop on the 1st or 2nd of August, 2013. It is designed to address the problems and challenges in the rapidly emerging field of International Entrepreneurship for Doctoral Candidates and the new scholars of the field. They are encouraged to participate in the entire conference fully as well. A limited number of competitive scholarships will be awarded to the attending and contributing Doctoral Candidates. A detailed program will be available shortly.

iii) Business/Professional Workshop:

This part will consist of an open session for interaction and meeting of minds on key issues, ideas and insights with members of the business and policy communities. The focus will be on a better understanding of actual issues facing entrepreneurial firms in their quest for international growth and also on the policy challenges for creating enabling environments. Executives from internationalizing firms and policy communities will be invited to join and interact with scholars and share mutual perspective on related themes

Past Publications

Leading-edge contributions from the previous conferences have appeared in prestigious journals and edited books.

Special issues of scholarly journals, such as Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences, Journal of International Entrepreneurship, Journal of International Management, Journal of International Marketing, Management International Review, Small Business Economics, among others, have published a cohesive collection of the conference papers.

The McGill International Entrepreneurship Series of books (Edward Elgar Publishing) has also published five volumes of conference papers.

This conference will follow the same practice. In addition to the Conference Proceedings, intensive effort will be focussed on publishing the papers of the 2013 Conference in cohesive sets of articles in edited volumes and special issues of journals with high impact.

Important Dates and Submission Information 

  • Submission deadline for the Initial Proposals /Extended Abstracts of about 800 words: Saturday, June 1, 2013.
  • Feedback/ Acceptance for presentation will be communicated to authors before Monday, July 1, 2013.
  • Submission Deadline for Completed Papers Accepted for Conference Presentation: Sunday July 20, 2013.
  • Completed Papers, working papers, or detailed synopsis of your research (6000 to 8000 words) may be submitted electronically, as a Word attachment. Please send them as Word attachments to: 2013mie [dot] conference [at] mcgill [dot] ca

In case of difficulty with electronic transmissions, hard copies may be sent or faxed to:

Conference Coordinator
Desautels Faculty of Management
McGill University
1001 Sherbrooke Street West
Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3A-1G5
Fax: (514) 398-3876,
E-Mail: 2013mie [dot] conference [at] mcgill [dot] ca