Programs and Resources

The McGill Office of Religious and Spiritual Life is happy to support many programs and resources for students. Our activities, and all other McGill Student Services, are directly funded by McGill Students; and therefore, our projects and programs are only open to full-time McGill undergraduates, all McGill graduate students, and post-docs who opt in to Student Services fees. Check out our resources below!

Our lounge space

Our lounge is always open to students, Mondays through Fridays from 10am to 4pm. Visit our space to learn more!

Our Zen Buddhist chaplain, Myokyo Zengetsu.

Workshops and Activities

Our office supports a variety of events and programs, ranging from faith meditations to initiatives that distribute winter clothing to students. Find out what we offer!

Attendees at the Gurdwara visit.

My Neighbour's Faith

The My Neighbour's Faith series offers McGill students the opportunity to visit various sacred sites around Montréal. You can also receive co-curricular credit. Check it out!

The Birks Heritage Chapel

Religious Places of Worship

Montréal offers a vast array of religious places of meeting and worship; of all faiths and religious denominations. Have a look at our directory to find one in particular or learn more.