TA Positions


Teaching Assistant Positions - Fall 2017

Downtown Campus - all course numbers with a section (01) designation

Macdonald Campus - all course numbers with a section (51) designation


Further information about teaching assistants and the current collection agreement at McGill University can be found on the AGSEM website. 

SKILLSETS: professional development workshops are available to graduate students instructors throughout the year.  Information can be found here: Teaching and Learning Services (TLS)

Submit your application on-line  (will be activated Oct. 15, 2017)

Danielle Lefebvre, Administrative & Student Affairs Coordinator

danielle.lefebvre [at] mcgill.ca (Danielle Lefebvre) 

Phone:  514-398-7559

For those applicants not wishing to use the on-line process, download one of these file formats (your choice): File ta_application_form_winter_2018.docx   PDF icon ta_application_form_winter_2018.pdf


Winter 2018 position postings for teaching assistants will be available October 15, 2017.