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McGill Symphony Orchestra

24 Feb 2017 19:30

Opening Concert of the MNM

Alexis Hauser, Artistic Director Walter Boudreau, Guest Conductor*


Walter Boudreau: Berliner Momente I + II* (70th anniversary) Béla Bartók: Concerto for Orchestra


In collaboration with the SMCQ

Concert presented as part of the MNM Festival


McGill Contemporary Music Ensemble

24 Feb 2017 21:30

Guillaume Bourgogne, Artistic Director

Back to the Future

Denys Bouliane: Rythmes et échos des rivages anticostiens Nicole Lizée: Premiere Alexina Louie: Music for a thousand autumns Joseph Glaser*: The Body Politic** 

In collaboration with SMCQ

Concert presented as part of the 2017 MNM Festival



McGill Percussion Ensemble with SMCQ

25 Feb 2017 21:00

A. Huang & F. Marandola, coordinators

Ladies Morning Musical Club: Doric String Quartet

26 Feb 2017 15:30

For the most up to date information, see the Ladies Morning Musical Club website.

Schulich in Concert: The Complete Livre d'orgue de Montréal

4 Mar 2017 10:00

Hans-Ola Ericsson, coordinator, with invited guests and student colleagues. Concert presented as part of the Montreal 375th anniversary.

McGill Jazz Combos

6 Mar 2017 20:00

D. Kennedy, director

Masterclass: Alexei Lubimov, piano

7 Mar 2017 19:30

Dorothy Morton Visiting Artist

CIRMMT - Distinguished Lecture Series

8 Mar 2017 16:30

Laetitia Sonami, sound artist and performer: Your presence is required - Performance, Control and Magnetism



String Area Class Concert

8 Mar 2017 18:00

A. Strauss, director

McGill Baroque Orchestra & Cappella Antica

8 Mar 2017 19:30

Hank Knox, conductor

Valerie Kinslow, artistic director


Schulich in Concert: Alexei Lubimov, piano

8 Mar 2017 19:30

Alexei Lubimov, piano (Dorothy Morton Visiting Artist)


McGill Concert Choir

9 Mar 2017 19:30

Focusing on vibrant singing, innovative programming and exciting performances, the choral program opens new horizons for singers and audiences alike

Voices of Light

Jean-Sébastien Vallée, artistic director

Maria Budavoca, organ


Oboe Class Concert

9 Mar 2017 20:00

Class of J. Leclair

Opera McGill: Lisl Wirth Black Box "Opera Binge" Festival

10 Mar 2017
11 Mar 2017

Patrick Hansen, Director of Opera McGill & Opera Studies

Stephen Hargreaves, Principal Coach


Opera McGill marks 60 years of training, mentoring, and nurturing young artists with a celebratory season featuring an innovative Opera Binge Festival, with no less than seven one-act operas in 24 hours at multiple venues.