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Early Music Area

Established in 1960 by Kenneth Gilbert, the Early Music Program at McGill's Schulich School of Music combines individual lessons and ensemble training with the study of historical approaches to performance.

Our students regularly participate in workshops, master classes, guest lectures and research projects. Each year, we produce a fully staged Baroque Opera with the Opera Area.

Students in our ensembles and programs have access to an important collection of early instruments and historical copies from the 15th century to the early 19th century, including more than 15 harpsichords, organs, sackbuts, cornetti, flutes, oboes, clarinets, horns, bassoons, viols, and more than a dozen baroque string instruments. 

Our Programs

For all admissions information, see our Undergraduate Admissions and Graduate Admissions webpages.

Early Music Area Faculty

Area Chair:
Lena Weman

Baroque Bassoon:
Mathieu Lussier

Baroque Cello:
Susie Napper

Baroque Flute:
Claire Guimond
Lena Weman

Baroque Oboe:
Matthew Jennejohn

Baroque Trumpet:
Alexis Basque

Matthew Jennejohn

Baroque Violin/Viola:
Hélène Plouffe

Classical Clarinet
Mark Simons

Hank Knox

Early Music Organ:
Hans-Ola Ericsson

Early Music Voice:
Valerie Kinslow

Forte Piano:
Tom Beghin

Hank Knox

Sylvain Bergeron

Matthias Maute
Natalie Michaud

Catherine Motuz

Viola da Gamba:
Betsy MacMillan


Early Music Area ensembles include:

For a complete list of the School's ensembles, with descriptions and audition information, visit our Ensembles webpages.