Neuroscience at the MNI and McGill

Neuroscience at McGill is internationally recognized for historical contributions to the field and for high impact in contemporary disciplines from molecular and cellular biology to brain imaging and cognitive neuroscience. Researchers work to better understand normal development, pain, addiction, aging, psychiatric disorders, neurological diseases and other challenging problems.

The MNI is the hub of neuroscience at McGill where excellent training in neuroscience is also offered in departments such as Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Communication Sciences and Disorders, Computer Science and Engineering, Music, Neurology and Neurosurgery, Pharmacology, Physiology, Physics and Psychology, and in McGill affiliated hospital research centres. In this setting, bench meets bedside and translational neuroscience advances. The breadth and depth of neuroscience at McGill is unique, and reflects the tremendous growth and potential of the field.

Students training in neuroscience at the MNI and at McGill have many advantages:

  • Breadth and depth in neuroscience
  • Close integration of clinical and basic neurosciences
  • Hundreds of bright, motivated students and trainees
  • More than 150 neuroscientists in institutes, centres and departments
  • Cross-disciplinary research and training opportunities
  • Extensive infrastructure for brain imaging, genomics, nanoscience, optical imaging, proteomics, super computing and more
  • Largest concentration of neuroscientists in North America
  • Interaction with pharmaceutical and biotech industries

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