Expert: Feds inject 1.2 billion $ into Montréal's light-rail train project


Feds inject 1.2 billion $ into Montréal's light-rail train project

“Following months of negotiations, the federal government will announce $1.3 billion in funding for Montreal's light-rail project on Thursday, Radio-Canada has learned.” (CBC News)

Meadhbh Maguire, PhD Student at the Transportation Research at McGill (TRAM) lab, McGill University

“This expansive project at first glance appears to deliver some highly beneficial improvements to connectivity in Montreal such as a frequent rail access to the international airport, although from the financing information made available, it is evident that significant passenger numbers will be required to reduce the taxpayer subsidy. I would also welcome any study demonstrating if and to what degree the areas with proposed REM stations are the areas with the poorest current levels of job accessibility in the city, which would be required to truly determine if this project will benefit those who need it the most.”

Meadhbh (pronounced Mave) Maguire has a background in economics and previously worked as a Transport Planner for the French rail organization SYSTRA. The projects she undertook and/or managed at were predominantly based in the UK and included rail economic feasibility studies and measuring accessibility by rail. Her views on Montreal’s light-rail project is informed by these previous experiences working on comparable projects within the industry.

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