An exchange means studying for one or two semesters at one of McGill’s partner universities while earning credit at McGill and paying tuition to McGill. Bilateral student exchange agreements exist between McGill University and one other institution, which has been reviewed and approved by McGill. The number of exchange spaces available at the host institution are limited, and vary from year to year. McGill students nominated to participate on an exchange term abroad are billed McGill tuition and fee for that term (equivalent to 15 McGill credits).

Exchange Host Institutions

McGill maintains academic partnerships with a wide array of international institutions across a broad spectrum of disciplines. You can select to attend for one or two terms, depending on the agreement between the two universities.

  • Faculty of Arts students can explore their options by selecting universities indicated as “General” or "Arts" on the listings by continent available here.
  • There may be a "Second Round" of exchange applications for the "WINTER TERM only" limited to a small number of host schools.  Please consult the Arts OASIS homepage under Important Dates and Events at the end of the Winter term for further details.

It is the student's responsibility to select a host school that meets the needs of their academic requirements and offers a term of study that provides the student with the ability to resume their McGill studies on time.