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Drs. Marla Shapiro and Amir Raz discuss the Body-Mind Connection at the Trottier Public Science Symposium.

General Science

Cream of Tartar

6 Nov 2017

Cream of tartar is close to the heart of any organic chemist because the study of this compound by Louis Pasteur in 1848 was pivotal in leading to the understanding of the three dimensional...

Can baking soda really absorb odors in the fridge?

30 Oct 2017

Smells of course are caused by volatile compounds which stimulate receptors in our nose. There is a large variety of such compounds with a great diversity of molecular structures. But many of the...

That’s The Way the Cookie Crumbles

30 Oct 2017

"That's the way the cookie crumbles!"  How often have you heard that expression?  It is usually a statement of disappointment which may be paraphrased as "tough luck."  But why does a cookie...

Sex and Nothing to Show for It

12 Oct 2017

Could your partner ever convince you that you were cheating on them when you had no recollection of the on-going affair?

The Science Behind the World's Most Popular Drug

18 Sep 2017

Last year I worked at a coffee shop on McGill campus. If you ever want to feel appreciated at work, try putting on the first pot of coffee for a bunch of sleep deprived college students and...

Chicken Wearing Shoes

6 Sep 2017

Imagine being an elderly woman, sipping her tea in an empty house, and suddenly seeing a girl entering through a closed door and vanishing. The apparition is crisp and well defined. Would you, as...

Why Do We Yawn When We Exercise?

17 Aug 2017

For a while I thought I was the only one trying to ‘swallow my head’ (as my Nana used to say) while running, but a google search today told me I wasn’t alone. Many people suffer from the constant...

Chemical Confusion

15 Aug 2017

There are two myths that are a constant irritation in the fight against pseudoscience. One is the equating of the term “chemical” with “toxin,” the other is the suggestion that “natural” substances...

Goat Poop in Your Hair?

7 Aug 2017

Unless you’re familiar with Moroccan traditions, or are in the habit of frequenting trendy hair salons, chances are that argan oil has escaped your attention. Argan is a tree that grows in only one...

Kitchen Sponge Panic

4 Aug 2017

A team of German microbiologists has tackled the issue of bacteria on kitchen sponges by testing 14 sponges for their presence and identifying them by extracting and sequencing segments of their...