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"Science Moms" Film Screening and Panel Discussion


Join the McGill Office for Science and Society for a special screening and panel discussion of "Science Moms", a documentary film that gives a voice to the science-minded moms - moms who are too...

Nuit Blanche- The Circus of Chemistry!


Eng: Come one, come all! The Chemistry Outreach group is mixing up chemistry and circus in a series of spectacular demonstrations. And, unlike typical magic shows, these magicians will be thrilled...

ChemPhoto: McGill Department of Chemistry Photo Exhibition

Published: 15Feb2018

The McGill Chemistry Outreach is proud to launch the first “ChemPhoto”, a photo exhibition of chemistry to coincide with Nuit Blanche on March 3 2018. The chemistry-themed photo exhibition is open...

Congratulations to Richard Lincoln for receiving the 2017 Gerhard Closs Award from the Inter-American Photochemical Society

Published: 5Feb2018

Richard Lincoln in the Cosa group received the 2017 Gerhard Closs Award from the Inter-American Photochemical Society in Florida in the New Year, where he gave an award lecture entitled “Lighting...

Shaking up gold and palladium

Published: 25Jan2018

Mechanochemical method makes noble metal compounds without solvents or harsh reagents. Read more in Chemical & Engineering News, the magazine of the American Chemical Society.

Eric M. Flanders Visiting Professor Program


 "Do no harm: One doctor's mission for tobacco-free investment" with Dr. Bronwyn King/medicineCategory: Medicine Research

Chemical Society Seminar: Dr. Ryan Shenvi - How to peel a coin: separation of structural and synthetic complexity


Structural complexity and synthetic complexity are closely related but non-identical molecular attributes. The more structurally complex a molecule, the more complex its synthesis.

CCVC Seminar- Dr. Guy Bertrand - "Stable carbenes and related species as powerful tools in organic, organometallic, and inorganic chemistry."


It will be shown that the peculiar electronic and steric properties of cyclic (alkyl)(amino)carbenes (CAACs) (1,2) and other stable singlet carbenes allow for the stabilization of unusual...