Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic)'s Leadership Team

Deputy Provost (Student Life & Learning)


Dr. Ollivier Dyens was appointed McGill's second Deputy Provost (Student Life & Learning) effective 1 September 2013. He serves as a central liaison among the University's senior administration, the Faculties, student organizations and Senate. His charge is to ensure that the impact of University policies and practices on student life and learning is factored into decision making.

Dr. Dyens is a Professor of French Language & Literature. He is also an artist, a poet and deeply interested in the study of cyberculture.

For more information on student life and learning at McGill, visit the website of the Office of the Deputy Provost (Student Life & Learning).



Associate Provost (Budget & Resources)


Professor Ghyslaine McClure was appointed for a five-year term effective 1 September 2013, and was granted a redesigned portfolio and appointed Associate Provost (Budget & Resources) effective 1 June 2014. The Associate Provost (Budget & Resources) supports the Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic) in his capacity as chief academic officer (after the Principal) and the chief budget officer. In addition to overseeing the life cycle of academic staff described below, she advises on the development of the overall budget and on aggregate aggregate resource allocations to Faculties and Administrative units in alignment with McGill’s academic priorities. Her portfolio includes academic and budget planning, multi-year and multi-fund resource allocations, comprehensive financial review/global resource availability, and the annual Agreements, Faculty Compacts and comprehensive Academic Renewal planning processes.

The Associate Provost (Budget & Resources) is responsible for the stewardship of academic planning and works collaboratively with the Associate Provost (Policies, Procedures & Equity) to oversee the life cycle of academic staff from recruitment to retirement, the allocation of Canada Research Chairs, James McGill Professors, and William Dawson Scholars. She helps Faculties develop strategic teaching and research initiatives that align with the academic priorities of the University. The two Associate Provosts assist academic administrators with academic advising and counseling in matters relating to regulations and policies. Professor McClure oversees the operations of the Academic Personnel Office.

PDF icon Ghyslaine McClure's Roles & Responsibilities as Associate Provost (BR).

Dr. McClure is a Professor of Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics. Her main research interests and expertise are in computational mechanics and structural dynamics: Learn more about her research here.

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Associate Provost (International)


Professor Philip Oxhorn was appointed Associate Provost (International) for a five-year term beginning 1 September 2016. Prior to that, he was the Founding Director of McGill’s Institute for the Study of International Development, and Associate Dean (Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies), as well as the Editor-in-Chief of the international journal Latin American Research Review.

Professor Oxhorn is a Professor of Political Science. His research focuses on the comparative study of civil society and its role in supporting democratic regimes, particularly in Latin America. He has lectured extensively in North and South America, Africa, Western Europe, Asia and Australia. He has also worked as a consultant to the Inter-American Development Bank, the United Nations Development Program, the United Nations Population Fund, Global Affairs Canada, the International Development Research Centre, the Department for Indigenous Affairs and Northern Development, Canada, the MasterCard Foundation, the Ford Foundation, The Carter Center, the Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars, and the Mining Association of Canada. He has a PhD in Political Science from Harvard University. Learn more about his research here.

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Associate Provost (Policies, Procedures & Equity)


Professor Angela Campbell was appointed Associate Provost (Policies, Procedures & Equity) for a five-year term beginning 1 September 2015. She is responsible for regulations and policies relating to academic staff and for equity issues in the University context. Professor Campbell oversees the Social Equity and Diversity in Education Office, the Cyclical Unit Review Office, annual reports for academic teaching units, and chairs the Joint Board-Senate Committee on Equity. Professor Campbell collaborates with the Associate Provost (Budget & Resources) to oversee the life cycle of academic staff from recruitment to retirement and the operations of the Academic Personnel Office.

PDF icon Angela Campbell's Responsibilities as Associate Provost (PPE).

Professor Campbell is an Associate Professor of Law, specializing in family law, health law, criminal law, succession law, and children and the law. Learn more about her research here.

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