McGill Innovation Week 2017 

The fifth annual McGill Innovation Week (MIW) is in full swing, showcasing McGill innovations through panel discussions, hackathons, & student-led events, including an event for "Women in Innovation & AI" featuring Prof. Doina Precup.  Read More

Associate Dean of Research, Vihang Errunza, launches top-tier management journal initiative, "Desautels 22"

The Associate Dean of Research, Vihang Errunza, recognizes research excellence by launching Desautels 22, a high quality, peer reviewed management journal list.  Read more.

Beatty Memorial Lecturer 2017: Professor Emeritus Charles Taylor, winner of the 2016 Berggruen Prize.

Prof. Taylor delivered his lecture,"The Challenge of Regressive Democracy," on October 12th. Watch the lecture online.

Claudia Mitchell named Trudeau Foundation Fellow

Claudia Mitchell received a Fellowship for her Participatory Cultures Lab project which provides digital tools to girls from around the world, helping them connect & discuss social issues, like how to combat sexual violence. Read more

Two McGill researchers honoured by the Royal Society of Canada

Professor Michel L. Tremblay awarded the McLaughlin Medal and Dr. Mélanie Guigueno awarded the Alice Wilson Award for their outstanding research. Read more

The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Montreal

Facebook has announced the opening of an Artificial Intelligence Research Lab in Montreal headed by McGill Professor Joëlle Pineau. This is Facebook's first research & development investment in Canada. Read More

Royal Society of Canada elects seven McGill scholars to The College

Today, the Royal Society of Canada announced over 70 new members to The College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists, including seven McGill scholars. Read more

McGill Research and Innovation (RI)

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