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Fall 2017

First Year

SCSD 617: Anatomy & Physiology of Speech Hearing

SCSD 619: Phonological Development

SCSD 624: Language Processes

SCSD 633: Language Development

SCSD 637: Developmental Language Disorders I

SCSD 681: Practicum & Seminar I

IPEA 500: Interprofessional Education Activities


Second Year

SCSD 618: Research & Measurement Methods

SCSD 643: Developmental Language Disorders II

SCSD 636: Fluency Disorders

SCSD 639: Voice Disorders

SCSD 644: Applied Neurolinguistics

SCSD 683: Practicum & Seminar III

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Winter 2018

First Year

SCSD 609: Neuromotor Disorders SCSD 682: Practicum & Seminar II
SCSD 631: Speech Science SCSD 638: Neurolinguistics
SCSD 632: Phonological Disorders in Children IPEA 501: Interprofessional Education

Second Year 

SCSD 664: Augmentative Alternative Communication SCSD 642: Aural Rehabilitation
SCSD 684: Practicum & Seminar IV SCSD 666: Seminar Option: Introduction to Counselling
SCSD 670: Seminar Option: Voice SCSD 669: Autism Spectrum Disorders & Neurodevelopmental Disorders
SCSD 670: Seminar Option: Swallowing SCSD 678: Seminar Option: Special Topics in ASD
SCSD 680: Deglutition & Dysphagia SCSD 689: Management of Cranio-facial Disorders
IPEA 502: Patient-Centered Care in Action