McGill Tennis Team

Help McGill Tennis remain at the top of Canadian university tennis by subsidizing player fees and contributing towards a more extensive, competitive schedule.

Your support will:

  • Subsidize player fees to keep tennis an inclusive sport at McGill
  • Allow players to attend tournaments across Canada
  • Provide the team with elite training conditions throughout the year

Over the past five years, the McGill Tennis Team has been a dominant force in Canadian university tennis. McGill was the national champion in 2013 and a finalist in 2014 as a mixed program. In 2016, McGill Men and Women placed 3rd and 4th, respectively, at Nationals.

Our season has now expanded to a full year, marked by an exhibition season in Ontario and the Quebec Individual Championships in the fall; a complete official winter season in Quebec; and preparation throughout the spring for Nationals during the summer.

In order to continue competing at such a high level, we’ve had to increase our player fees by 25%, which could deter some of our best athletes from playing and also compromise future recruiting opportunities. As a student-funded athletics team, we rely on help from our supporters to keep playing at the highest level, including the upcoming 2017 Nationals, where the McGill Men will once again compete for the top spot against the best programs in the country!

Help the men’s and women’s McGill Tennis teams maintain their high standing so the Men can bring home the 2017 Nationals trophy and both teams can prepare to ace their next season!

Meet the Project Team: 
Adrien Dupont
  • Mechanical Engineer 2011 Grad
  • Coach
  • 11 years with the team, they're gonna have to force me out
Benjamin Dubuc
  • Anatomy and Cell Biology            
  • Men's captain  
  • They call me Big Ben
Frances Walker
  • History and International Development
  • Women's captain            
  • I may be shy at times but don't let those ginger locks trick you
Lisa Zhao
  • Chemical Engineering Masters  
  • Women's assistant captain         
  • Next year will be my 7th year as a player, going for that record  
Philippe Rivard
  • Electrical Engineering    
  • Men's assistant captain
  • They say I'm a homie.
Jean-Christophe Goulet
  • Chemical Engineering    
  • Men's assistant captain
  • I win 3-setters to clinch Nationals qualification for my team.
Yvan Bodart
  • Management 2012 Grad              
  • Former player and VP Social       
  • The VP social title retired when I left the team.