Confirmation of Enrolment Forms

Students who require confirmation of their registration status at McGill should use the Confirmation of Enrolment letter available on Minerva

Types of forms completed by Service Point:

  • Government forms (i.e. permanent residency)
  • Embassies or consulates
  • Foreign government
  • Insurance claim/Pension/Veterans Affairs
  • Confirmation of enrolment for exchange students only

Forms not completed by Service Point:

The following organization will accept the confirmation of enrolment on Minerva in lieu of their form: 

Forms for a centralised application service:

If you require a form to be completed for a centralised application service (i.e.: Common Application Transfer College Report, AMCAS, LSAC, SOPHAS, WES, …), you must order an official transcript via Minerva.  You will need to follow the link and instructions that display upon submission of your official transcript request in Minerva. Details on our Student Records page. 

Government Aid form:

Forms that require our “institutional code” or any forms that have the keywords "name of government jurisdiction" should be filled-out by Scholarship & Student Aid Office. Examples are:

  • Quebec AFE Confirmation of Student Status / Loan Remission
  • Canada Student Loan - Confirmation of Enrolment - Schedule 2
  • OSAP - Continuation of Interest-Free Status/Confirmation of Enrolment (schedule 2)
  • Sallie Mae - In-School Deferment Request
  • Etc

Convention de stage/internship confirmation form:

If you are doing a stage that will count for credits towards your degree, consult with your home faculty's Internship Office. Note that neither CAPS nor Service Point can sign a form that attest or support students who are completing stages on their own.

Need help? Bring your form to Service Point, and we'll determine what can be done. Or send us an servicepoint [at] (subject: %5BSpecial%20Letters%20%26%20Forms%5D) (email) (click on the hyperlink to obtain a template) and attach your form (PDF format). The subject line of your email must be, including the brackets [Special Letters & Forms].