McGill Student ID Card

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General information

Your student ID card gives you access to essential services on campus like the library, labs, athletic facilities, residences, cafeterias, and more.

Use of your photo

The photo on your student ID card will appear on instructors’ class lists, and will be used for legitimate academic purposes only.

How to get a student ID card

What to do first

  • First, you must register for at least one course.
  • Second (Optional): If you use a Preferred First Name (a preferred first name is a name by which you are commonly known, that is not your legal name) and you would like it to appear on your McGill ID card, enter it in Minerva. You may have already done this when you applied for admission. Go to Personal Menu>Name Change and enter your preferred first name in the Preferred First Name field. You can also delete your preferred first name on Minerva if you do not want it to appear on your McGill ID card.
  • Third: Wait 24 hours after completing steps one and two before proceeding to the next step.
    New students: check the Important Dates page to verify when you can start registering

What to do next

Go to Service Point or Macdonald Campus and bring the following:
=> Continuing Education students should go to the School of Continuing Studies

  • Your McGill ID number (provided on your acceptance letter)
  • One piece of government-issued photo ID

Important: ID cards will not be issued if any of the above documents are missing.

Lost or damaged cards

If you lose or damage your student ID card, there will be a $25 charge to replace it.

Program changes or expired cards

If you change programs or faculties or your card expires, there will be no charge for a replacement as long as the old one is returned.

Note: Students who have access to labs or other McGill facilities using their student ID card should consult the appropriate Security contact to ensure that their access is not interrupted.