The Rossy Student Wellness Hub

In recent years, Student Services has undertaken an extensive review of health-related services that resulted in specific recommendations to improve the student experience. One of these recommendations was to create a consolidated student wellness center that would streamline access to care.

The Rossy Student Wellness Hub Visioning: Session 1

On November 13, 2017, the first student visioning session for the New Student Wellness Center took place. The meeting was led by Martine Gauthier, Executive Director of Services for Students to review health models across peer institutions in Canada and discuss what a student wellness center would look like at McGill. At the meeting, students were asked to describe their ideal student wellness center using only one word. 

Four key themes emerged:

  1. Access and Inclusivity
  2. Customer Service and Patient Care
  3. Awareness, Prevention and Capacity Building
  4. Healthy Physical Spaces

The Rossy Student Wellness Hub Visioning: Session 2

The second interactive visioning meeting for the New Student Wellness Center took place on November 20th, led by Martine Gauthier. The focus was to develop and finalize ideas for the new space, based on the key themes from the first session.

Some ideas expressed included:

  1. Information hub including: the Shag Shop, Healthy McGill and Peer Support, EmpowerMe, TAO etc.
  2. Warm and welcoming spaces, use of natural light, therapy lamps
  3. Semi-private Zen-like / MORSL-like waiting areas and study areas for students (example in Arts building)
  4. Less traditional look / feel of reception area
  5. Clear signage and wayfinding for the new space


Next Steps

  1. Document and finalize requirements for the space
  2. Establish design for the new space
  3. Schedule next meeting with students



If you have questions and/or concerns, please wellness-steering.stuserv [at] (send us an e-mail)! We'd love to hear from you!