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As of Monday, October 3, 2016, The WELL Office team will not be working from the Meredith Annex. The renovations should take a few weeks.

The Wellness Consultants, and administrative coordinator will be working from 3647 Peel, (the Biomedical Ethics Building): Stella Miller, Office 301 / Pascale Gendreau, office  309.

The Career Advisor, Elizabeth Lefebvre, will be working from 340 of the McIntyre Medical Building, on the 3rd floor and will only be reachable by email (thewellcareeradvisor [at] mcgill [dot] ca) .

Dr. Montoro and Dr. Gupta will specify the location of their appointments with the learners directly.
Thank you for your understanding.


Bonjour and Welcome to The WELL Office, the Faculty of Medicine's Learner Affairs Office.

This office is dedicated to supporting learners throughout their training by creating, promoting and sustaining a culture of wellness and resilience within the learning environment. Our office provides a safe and confidential venue to seek out resources that protect and enhance your health and wellbeing.


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