Arts Against PostRacialism Project Lead Professor Philip Howard interviewed by Queen's Gazette


Published: 31Oct2017

Professor Philip Howard, Project Lead for the Arts Against PostRacialism (AAPR) initiative, and Assistant Professor with McGill's Department of Integrated Studies in Education, was interviewed earlier this week by Queen's Gazette on the subject of the upcoming AAPR events. Please click here to read the article, "Art galleries on campus to be transformed," by Sarah Linders.

Arts Against PostRacialism was held at Queen's University Wednesday, October 25th.

“The installations and events involved in this project are meant to evoke a response and to assert blackness in new ways in university campuses, where they’re often excluded,” says Dr. Howard in part. “It’s a call upon people to make the connections that are often hidden between this practice of blackface and other structural practice of anti-blackness that surround us.”

[read "Art galleries on campus to be transformed," by Sarah Linders, Senior Communications Officer, Queen's Gazette, Oct. 23, 2017]