BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-// iCalcreator 2.18// BEGIN:VEVENT UID:20190217T055126EST-9722UrPfUe@ DTSTAMP:20190217T105126Z DESCRIPTION:\n\nat McGill University campus\, 845 Sherbrooke St. West\, Mon treal [campus map]\n\nThe Arts Against PostRacialism project seeks to chal lenge blackface on Canadian campuses by building capacity for critique and spaces of healing for those negatively impacted by blackface\, creating i ntra- and inter-campus networks between campus organizations interested in challenging blackface\, and raising the level of critical dialogue about blackface.\n\n\n opens at 11 AM\n \n \n Emergence Video Installation (Nadine V alcin)\n (all day)\n\n Location: MOVED TO: Macdonald-Harrington (Architectur e) Building\, Exhibition Room (room 114).  McLennan Library\, Research Com mons Room A\n \n \n Unwearable (Defence/Offence) Sculpture Installation (Esma a Mahomoud) \n (all day)\n\n Location: Macdonald-Harrington (Architecture) B uilding\, Exhibition Room (room 114)\n \n \n Think Tomorrow Sculpture Install ation (Quentin VerCetty)\n (all day)\n\n Location: Macdonald-Harrington (Arc hitecture) Building\, Exhibition Room (room 114)\n \n \n 12:30-2:00 PM\n \n \n F uture Memories workshop (Quentin VerCetty)\n\n Location: Macdonald-Harringt on (Architecture) Building\, Exhibition Room (room 114)\n \n \n 1:30-3:15 \n \n \n Scream Café (Anique Jordan)\n\n Location: Morrice Hall Theatre\n \n \n 3:0 0-5:00 \n \n \n Afronautic Research Lab (Camille Turner) \n\n Location: MOVED TO: McLennan Library\, Research Commons Room A William Shatner University Centre (SSMU building)\, Room 433A\n \n \n 5:30-6:30\n \n \n Keynote: 'Hide and See: Engaging the in/visible presence of blackface in Canada' (Philip Howa rd\, McGill University)\n\n Location: Jack Cram Auditorium (Room 129\, Educ ation Building\, 3700 McTavish)\n \n \n 6:30-8:00\n \n \n AAPR Team Panel and Ta lkback\n\n Location: Jack Cram Auditorium (Room 129\, Education Building\, 3700 McTavish)\n \n #aaprresist     @AAPRresist\n\n\n DTSTART:20171023T150000Z DTEND:20171024T010000Z SUMMARY:Arts Against PostRacialism @ McGill University URL: -university-268802 END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR