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Smoking policy

McGill continues to be committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for students, faculty, staff, and visitors on the University’s downtown and Macdonald campuses, as well as the Gault Nature Reserve in Mont-St-Hilaire. In order to comply with Bill 112, An Act to Amend the Tobacco Act and other Legislative Provisions, effective throughout Quebec on May 31, 2006, McGill has established new parameters.

Bill 112 details the prohibition of smoking in commercial establishments including restaurants, cafes and bars. While smoking has not been permitted since 1998 within public service buildings (hospitals, clinics, schools, CEGEPS, Universities), provisions within Bill 112 will limit smoking outside buildings as follows:

“Smoking is prohibited within a radius of nine metres (30 feet) outside any door leading to a health or social services institution, to a postsecondary educational institution, or to a facility where activities for minors are provided.”

Effective May 31, 2006, McGill will comply with the law by enforcing the following regulations:

  • It is prohibited to smoke within nine metres (30 feet) outside any door leading to any McGill building. In the case of McGill buildings fronting directly on public streets, smoking is prohibited within nine metres from either side of any door leading to or from the building.
  • Out of respect to building occupants, smoking is not permitted near any windows surrounding McGill buildings.
  • All smoking materials must be extinguished before arriving at building entrances. There will no longer be ashtrays within the nine metre (30 feet) zone limit.
  • The Bill also amends the conditions surrounding the sale of tobacco, effectively prohibiting its sale within the premises of educational institutions. This provision also applies to the McGill campuses.
  • On the downtown campus, smoking is not permitted in the green spaces on lower campus directly in front of the Arts Building (the “three bares” and opposing gated park areas).
  • On the Macdonald campus, smoking is not permitted in the green spaces directly in front of the Macdonald-Stewart Building main entrance

While we do not encourage smoking, we nevertheless have designated specific exterior green spaces where smoking is allowed on the downtown campus – on a trial basis:

  • Green space in front of the James Administration Building (facing the Milton Gates entrance) – which is more than the 9 metre/30 feet limit.
  • Green spaces on either side of the main pathway leading from the Roddick Gates entrance (including the football field, “beach,” and surrounding areas).

Temporary signage outlining the provisions of this new law will be placed at main campus entrances. Permanent signage will be in place before the beginning of the fall term.

To view the Bill in its entirety, please visit: At this government site.

ADDENDUM – The restrictions on smoking described in this policy are also to be applied to the use of e-cigarettes. 

Effective September 22, 2014