Nadia Ferrara


Adjunct Professor

Liaison ministérielle, Bureau de la ministre
Condition féminine Canada / Gouvernement du Canada
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Departmental Liaison, Office of the Minister

Status of Women Canada / Government of Canada
//nadia.ferrara [at]">nadia.ferrara [at] / Tel: 819-420-7027

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Research Interests

Indigenous issues, health, healing, the nature of self and community; Aboriginal, Métis, First Nations, Inuit, and northerners' government policies and legislation.


Dr. Ferrara is the Departmental Liaison at the Department of Status of Women Canada. Besides her role in the federal government, Dr. Ferrara is a medical anthropologist. She also remains on Faculty at McGill University as Adjunct Professor in the Department of Anthropology where she supervises both graduate and undergraduate students during her spare time.

Before entering the Government of Canada in 2003, Dr. Ferrara worked as an art therapist for 16 years, specializing in cross-cultural psychotherapy with Indigenous peoples in Quebec and Ontario. Her education includes a Master of Arts in Art Therapy, a Master of Science in Transcultural Psychiatry, and a Doctorate in Medical Anthropology.

Dr. Ferrara’s research interests include, diversity and social inclusion, Indigenous lived realities, cultural competence, gender equality, community development, and the development of policies that are place-based and meaningful on the ground.

In addition to her publications of several journal articles and chapters in various books across North America and in Europe, Dr. Ferrara has published two books on her work with the Crees of Northern Quebec: Emotional Expression among Cree Indians and Healing through Art. Moreover, Dr. Ferrara’s most recent publication, Reconciling and Rehumanizing Indigenous-Settler Relations, is a reflection on her work as an applied anthropologist and advocate for Indigenous peoples. Dr. Ferrara is also an artist and one of her sculptures is permanently placed at her former high school in Montréal.

Representative Publications

Emotional Expression among Cree Indians: The Role of Pictorial Representations in the Assessment of Psychological Mindedness, Nadia Ferrara, Philadelphia, Jessica Kingsley Publishers Ltd., 1999.

Healing through Art: Ritualized Space and Cree Identity, Nadia Ferrara, McGill-Queen's Native and Northern Series, Montreal, McGill-Queens University Press, 2004.

The Quebec Cree woman, in Beyond the Atlantic: Women’s Roles in Canadian Societies and American Societies, V.G. Lerda and R. Maccarini (eds.), Milan, Selene Edizioni, 2005, pp. 279.

The Political Aspects of Emotion and Psychotherapy among the Cree, co-authored with Guy Lanoue, Thule no. 18/19, 2005, Centro Studi Americanistici "Circolo Amerindiano."