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Effective 1 May 2017

The Program

The 2018-2019 Academic Salary Policy provided for continuance of the Professional Development Fund, to be used to reimburse expenses incurred by eligible academic staff for professional development.

Each eligible staff member is allowed up to $750 annually.

Eligible staff who do not use the full $750 in a given fiscal year may carry forward all, or any unused amount derived over two consecutive years, for a cumulative maximum of $1500.


To be eligible, the staff member must hold one of the following active appointments during the relevant reference period at one of the following ranks:

  • Tenure-track or tenured: Assistant Professor, Associate Professor or full Professors; or
  • Tenure-track or tenured: Assistant Librarians, Associate Librarians or full Librarians; or
  • Contract Academic Staff (CAS): Campus-based, full-time salaried -- Faculty Lecturer, Senior Faculty Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor or full Professor.

Staff appointed as Assistant Professor (Special Category) are ineligible for the Program.

Eligible Expenses

Examples of eligible expenses are:

  • Membership in scholarly societies (e.g. Strategic Management Society, Canadian Musical Heritage Society, etc.)
  • Registration for attendance at scholarly meetings, conferences and seminars
  • Subscriptions to scholarly journals and purchases of scholarly books
  • Travel and/or accommodation for meetings, professional conferences or seminars. Reimbursable only after attendance or the trip has occurred.
  • Purchase of computer hardware and software in support of professional development or academic duties
  • Supplement to the Academic Laptop Programfor tenure-stream and tenured staff
  • Membership in professional order or association, if required for the position held

Note: Electronic equipment that is purchased in part or in full through the PDF program is subject to the McGill University IT Asset Management Regulation 

Unsure if an expense is eligible? Ask us: pdf [at] 

Professional Development Fund Balance

The balance of individual Professional Development Fund accounts for staff members in the Faculties of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Arts, Engineering, and Medicine may be found here, listed by McGill ID: PDF icon PDF Balances - 1 April 2019

This listing will be updated quarterly

Submitting a Request for Reimbursement

The Program is operated on the University’s Fiscal Year which is 01 May to 30 April. The deadline to submit an expense report is 15 April.

How to request a reimbursement

The program is administered directly by the Faculties of Dentistry, Education, Law, Desautels Faculty of Management, Science, Schulich School of Music, the School of Continuing Studies, and Library and Archives. Please consult your Faculty contact for further instructions.



Dentistry rosemary.cooke [at] (Rosemary Cooke) - Director, Administration and Finance
Education [at]
Law pina.ricco [at] (Pina Ricco) - Financial Administrator
Desautels Faculty of Management venesa.inoperio [at] (Venesa Inoperio) - Financial Administrator
Schulich School of Music henry.tin [at] (Henry Tin) - Manager, Finance 
School of Continuing Studies rosa.greco-pepe [at] (S)sinikhiwe.maphosa [at] (inikhiwe Maphosa) - Director, Finance and Operations
Science ming.han [at] (Grace Han) - Financial Officer
Library and Archives

donna.hedge [at] (Donna Hedge) - Library Financial Administrator

francisco.oliva [at] (Francisco Oliva )- Finance, Planning & Resources Manager

For the Faculties of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Arts, Engineering, and Medicine, the program is administered by the Office of the Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic). Please follow the instructions below to submit your expense. 

Due to the volume of expense reports received by our office, delays in processing should be expected. To know the status of your report in our queue, please email pdf [at]

For further information on how to enter specific expense items, consult the IT Knowledge Base article:

Do not send your Professional Development Fund expense reports to the Travel Desk.

These instructions apply to staff members in the Faculties of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Arts, Engineering, Medicine only.

Staff members in other Faculties should consult their local contact (see above) for instructions.

  1. Log in to Minerva
  2. Go to the Employee or Finance (Fund) Administration Menu
  3. Select the Advances and Expense Reports Menu
  4. Select Submit an Expense Report
  5. Select Start an Expense Report to be finished by Someone Else
  6. Enter the McGill ID of the responsible person
  7. Enter the Destination and Start and Return dates
  8. In the Purpose field, select "Professional Development Fund" from the drop down menu
  9. Enter a detailed Description for the expense
  10. Leave the Default Fund Code field blank
  11. In the To be completed by Reviewer field, select "Associate Provost (BR)" from the drop down menu 
  12. Click on Continue to proceed to the next screen
  13. Enter receipt information - enter each receipt individually
  14. Enter the Receipt date
  15. Select the Expense Item
  16. Enter a detailed Description of the receipt
  17. Enter the total amount of the receipt, including taxes
  18. If personal expenses are included on the receipt, enter the total amount of the personal expenses, including taxes, to be deducted from the receipt total
  19. Select the appropriate Currency and verify the currency exchange rate, modify if needed
  20. Select the Purchasing Location
  21. Verify the GST/HST and QST amounts, modify if needed
  22. Leave the Fund (FOAPAL) information fields blank
  23. To enter more receipts, click on Add New Item and repeat Steps 13 to 22
  24. Click on Save and View to verify the request
  25. Click on Forward to Reviewer
  26. Click on Print and forward hard copy to Reviewer
  27. Ensure the Claimant signs the request (no other signatures are required)
  28. Attach all original receipts and send the expense report to:
    Professional Development Fund Administrator
    Office of the Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic)
    James Administration Building
    845 Sherbrooke St. W., Room 633
    Montreal, Quebec H3A 0G4

All inquiries about the Professional Development Fund may be submitted to: pdf [at]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
How do I receive the reimbursement? Reimbursement is made only for out-of-pocket expenses paid by the staff member. As such, the amount reimbursed will be deposited directly into the staff member’s personal bank account (i.e., the account that is used by payroll). An email notification from the Financial Services Department will be sent once the direct deposit has been made.
Can it be transferred directly to my grant, procurement card (P-card) or FOAPAL? No, reimbursements cannot be transferred to grants, special funds, FOAPALS and/or procurement cards.
Are original receipts required? All receipts must be originals. Photocopies or faxes are not accepted. If the purchase was made online, a printed receipt is acceptable only if proof of payment is provided (e.g., credit card or bank statement).
Electronic Receipts and Online Purchases

Many purchases are made via websites and the transaction confirmation varies widely depending on the Supplier. Electronic receipts are acceptable only if the following information is included:

  • Identification of the supplier
  • Supplier's GST and QST numbers, where applicable
  • Identification of the buyer
  • Full description of what was purchased
  • How much was paid, along with proof of payment indication

May I request a travel advance?

​Reimbursement is made only for out-of-pocket expenses. Travel advances are not allowed, and cancellations will not be reimbursed.

When do I make my request?

All expense reports should be submitted no later than two months following a purchase or date of travel.
What is the balance of my Professional Development Fund account? Balances for staff in the Faculties of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Arts, Engineering, and Medicine listed by McGill ID in the Professional Development Fund Balances section above. All other academic staff should consult their Faculty contacts.