Post-Retirement Appointments

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DEFINITION At the request of the University, a staff member who has retired may be invited to accept a teaching or a non-teaching position. Such positions shall be of a temporary nature; the duration, terms and duties of the position shall be determined by agreement between the retired staff member and the Chair of the Department (or Director of the School) and approved by the Dean. Appointments of retired Staff must comply with the relevant regulations or collective agreements.

The Post-Retirement appointment will be at a rank equivalent to the McGill pre-retirement rank and is normally intended to be a one-term appointment. 

All post-retirement staff must be approved and must be appointed via a Minerva Appointment Form.
Appointment term Maximum of three years.
Required Approvals to Appoint CAS Approvals - Appointments
Required Documentation to Appoint Minerva Appointment Form. Signed acceptance letter with justification of appointment. 
Official Letter of Appt. Faculty/Departmental Responsibility
Salary Nil 
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